Weekender 2016 holiday gift guide
Tim Hynds, The Weekender

Alright, nobody panic.

Breathe, breathe. It's not the end of the world. So you forgot to buy presents this year. Don't pretend like you haven't done this before. We're here for you. Plus, we're pretty sure we forgot a few folks on our shopping list as well. You're not alone.

With only a few days left until Christmas, it's likely your first- and second-pick gifts have disappeared from shelves. So what do you do? Listen close, dear readers. Here are some of our last minute gift ideas:


This one seems pretty obvious. There's no shame in giving folks gift cards. No need for big, extravagant presents bundled in yards of giftwrap and masking tape. Those just get in the way. What's the best part about gift cards? They make 'em for pretty much everything. So either single out a person's favorite store or give him or her a restaurant gift card. Or if all else fails you can get one of those Visa gift cards.


Do people still read books these days? One can only hope. Books can be fun and engaging gift ideas if you know how to go about shopping for one. Unless the person you're buying for has a book list, it's best to stay away from the fiction section. The safer bet is to boil down a person's particular interest and find a book based on that. Know someone who is a huge country music fan? Look for a non-fiction country music history book with LOTS of pictures. Photographer in the family? Boom! Photography book. And so on and so on. 


Everyone's got a sweet tooth around the holiday season. Quality chocolates always taste delicious on Christmas Day. Look for a nearby candy shop and be ready to splurge. Luckily for us Siouxlanders we have the nearby Palmer's Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe equipped with more candy than you can count. Whether you need a box of Bings or a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts, Palmer's has it all. Go anywhere you like, really. Just don't get a Snickers bar out of a vending machine and call it good. 


If you've paid attention to your friends and family members, you might remember a few local establishments they commonly frequent. If they favor any local eateries or bars, then head out there and equip yourself with merchandise and gift cards. This lets those people know that you do listen and that you do care. And that you most certainly didn't forget to buy Christmas presents this year.


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