Should've stolen a racecar

SPENCER, Iowa | Tractors are great at pulling farm equipment. Eluding police cars? Not so much. 

Jeremy Starkson found this out the hard way the morning of Dec. 2, when police say he stole a tractor and led officers on a "slow-speed" chase through a Spencer neighborhood.

Around 1:35 a.m., police responded to the report of a “suspicious tractor” (about as Iowan a 911 call as you can get) in the parking lot of First English Lutheran Church, 1311 East 18th St. When officers attempted to stop Starkson, 38, he chugged away.

Officers pursued the tractor into residential areas, where Starkson swerved at law enforcement officers several times while they deployed stop sticks.

Starkson eventually drove onto a lawn at 317 E. 10th St. As he was exiting the lawn, police say he intentionally drove the tractor into a squad car. He was then removed from the tractor and arrested.

Starkson now faces charges of first-degree theft, driving while barred, eluding, reckless driving and assaulting a person with certain occupations. He was booked into the Clay County Jail.

Was it really worth it?

SIOUX CITY | It must have been some really good candy.

A 27-year-old's unsuccessful attempt to steal $1.99 in sweets and a pair of green ear buds landed him behind bars last week after he threatened to kill the clerk who tried to stop him. 

Police say around 9:30 Dec. 6, Shawn Juan Brown, of Sioux City, hid a pair of $14.99 ear buds and some candy in his clothing while inside the Kum & Go at 1401 Court St. 

When a clerk confronted him outside the store, Brown tried to strike the clerk and then said he was going to come back to kill the clerk. 

He didn't get that far. 

Brown was arrested and charged with aggravated theft and booked into the Woodbury County Jail on $3,000 bond. 

No word on whether he actually got to eat any of the candy first. 


City hall reporter

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