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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City is a destination that carries a multitude of identities. In addition to being recognized by the 2018 Siouxland's Choice Awards voters as the best "Casino," the establishment also won the honor of best "Entertainment Venue" in town.

The cherry on top? Voters named Hard Rock's Battery Park Concert Series as the best "Live Music Event" of the year. Entertainment Manager Brad Streeter said he's excited by the wins because they were voted by the people.

"It's always good to get that kind of recognition from your community," he said during a phone interview. "The cool thing about Battery Park is that it's very diverse from year to year. It speaks to a lot of different people and a lot of different genres. It's just a cool event."

Battery Park is Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City's outdoor music venue located in the northernmost parking lot. When it's time for a Battery Park show, a large stage and premium sound system are setup with the casino serving as a backdrop.

Last year, artists and bands like Willie Nelson, Journey, Billy Currington, Bret Micheals, Alanis Morissette and Five Finger Death Punch performed onstage as part of the Battery Park Concert Series.

Most of Hard Rock's entertainment options are reserved for its indoor, 21-and-over venue, Anthem. Battery Park is distinct in that its shows are more out in the open and available for all ages. 

"It's a good amenity for Hard Rock," said Streeter. "It's outside. We're downtown in Sioux City. It's a cool atmosphere. I love watching shows there."

Given Sioux City's unique placement between Omaha and Sioux Falls, Streeter said there's a lot of competition to look out for regionally as well as locally. With the win for best "Entertainment Venue" under its belt, it's safe to say Hard Rock's work is certainly getting noticed by Siouxlanders.

Is there one reason as to why Hard Rock is getting noticed? Not necessarily. However, Streeter credits both venues' access to multiple genres as a possible reasoning.

"We're definitely not pigeonholed to one specific genre," he said. "We do a lot of country, we do current and active rock, we do some older classic stuff, we do some comedy and stuff like that.

"It's the variety of options that our entertainment offers is what resonates. Hopefully every person in Sioux City can come to at least one show or one a year or one every other year. We're just trying to be as completely diverse as possible."


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