Details for bridge - 5-21-2019


Don’t be
distracted in
the suit led
By Phillip Alder

Bernice King, the youngest
child of Martin Luther King Jr.,
said, “Refuse to be disheartened,
discouraged, distracted from your
goals in life.”
When you are declarer at the
bridge table, you know your goal.
However, sometimes when the
dummy appears, you see that
partner has overbid again and
pushed you into a contract that
seems impossible. Do not be
immediately disheartened; try to find a chance to succeed.
In today’s deal, how should South play in four spades after two
rounds of trumps with both defenders following suit?
East had an automatic balancing takeout double, but he was
nervous when his opponents suddenly bid a vulnerable game.
Since East probably has the heart king, South hopes to take five
spades, two hearts, two clubs and either one diamond or a heart ruff
on the board. But how can declarer get to the board?
South must not be distracted at the beginning; he has to keep the
spade six in his hand, so that dummy’s seven becomes an entry. But
it cannot be used immediately. Instead, declarer has to cash his top
clubs, then run the diamond jack. What does East do after winning
with his queen?
If he leads his last club, South should discard his second diamond
in case East started with four clubs. But here declarer could ruff high,
enter dummy with the spade seven and cash the rest of the clubs.
Or, if East cashes the diamond ace, it establishes dummy’s king. Or,
if East shifts to a heart, South wins with his queen, cashes the heart
ace and ruffs his last heart on the board.
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