Details for bridge - 8-20-2019


Two suit
fits increase
By Phillip Alder

Publilius Syrus said, “Art has
a double face, of expression and
illusion, just like science has a
double face: the reality of error
and the phantom of truth.”
In bridge, doubles come in
many forms: takeout, negative,
responsive and Lightner to name
a few. But we also have a double
fit, which is more delicious than
ice cream. Always be optimistic
when you know of a double fit.
In today’s deal, the bidding could have followed several paths.
West might have overcalled two diamonds in preference to his takeout
double. When he doubled, North might have redoubled to show 10
or 11 points with fewer than four hearts, but preferred to mention
his long suit. Then, on the second round, after South had made a
fit-showing double to indicate three spades, North jumped to three
hearts to describe his hand. South then correctly bid up with the
double fit.
West led the diamond ace and shifted to the club 10. South won
with his ace and played a heart to dummy’s ace to get the news. Now
declarer carefully conceded a club trick. East won and returned the
heart queen, but South won, ruffed his last club, ruffed a diamond
and drove out the heart jack. The contract could not be defeated.
East-West missed their way. When one side has a double fit, so
does the other. West overbid somewhat to double, then rebid two
diamonds, but East probably should have sacrificed in five diamonds.
That would have been down only two, minus 300 instead of minus
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