Details for bridge - 5-14-2019


Describe the
nature of a
hand quickly
By Phillip Alder

W. Bruce Cameron, who is
best known for his novel “A
Dog’s Purpose,” wrote, “There
are apparently three factors that
lead to longevity: heredity, habits
and what your wife will let you get
away with.”
The single most important
factor to the longevity of bridge is
the fact that there are so many
exceptions to the basic guidelines.
However, if you stick to the tried
and true guidelines, you will come out ahead most of the time.
How would you critique this auction? What should happen in four
I agree with North’s Unusual Two No-Trump, showing at least 5-5 in
the red suits. Yes, if East-West win the auction, they will have a road
map of the deal, but why should that happen? Two no-trump gives
much more information to South than would a one-heart overcall.
(In a 15-table duplicate, when North did bid one heart, East made a
negative double, and the unbeatable four-spade contract was easily
After East’s double, showing a good hand with defensive values,
either West or East should have doubled four hearts, knowing that his
side had the balance of power. Then West should have started the
defense with the ace and another heart, to cut down declarer’s ruffing
winners. South would have taken only one spade, four hearts, one
diamond and three club ruffs on the board.
Instead, West led the diamond queen, which East thought was a
singleton. So, when declarer shortly led a low diamond from the board,
East put up his king, squashing his partner’s jack and establishing
dummy’s nine as a 10th trick for South.
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