Gain Experience Before you begin applying for new positions, take the time to familiarize yourself with a new field and show hiring managers you are serious by taking strides to learn more about the industry. Analyze general qualifications for the jobs you want. If you notice you lack the required degree for the position, sometimes there is no choice other than going back to school and obtaining certification. It can be a long process to land your dream job but if you have the time to dedicate yourself, the rewards will be well deserved. BALANCING SCHOOL AND A JOB If you find yourself requiring additional education before you can begin a new career, holding down your current job while studying can be challenging. Follow these tips from Honor Society to avoid burning out and give your complete attention to the experience. Ask an employer to work with your schedule. Make sure to disclose your decision to pursue additional education to better yourself and future. Plan ahead. Be prepared to sacrifice social activities and remain dedicated to performing at both work and school. Don’t get in over your head. Remember to make some time for yourself. Even if that means working extra hours to give yourself a day off in the future, taking care of yourself is crucial to successfully juggling a career and continuing education. INTERNSHIPS Apply for internships to sharpen your skills in the field you are considering. This may not always be possible for those with financial commitments, but if you can comfortably take a break from work, this experience will look great on a resume. Don’t be discouraged if you feel finances will hold you back from this opportunity. Show your interest to companies; you may get lucky and find one that does pay enough for you to live well while learning more.

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