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Once You've Got the Job

You've finally landed your dream job after sending numerous applications, impressing during interviews
and waiting to receive confirmation. So, what's next?
The anxiety regarding
the uncertainty of your
new job can be dismal.
Relax and prepare for
the upcoming journey.
If you’re unsure how
to act as you begin
your new occupation,
check out these tips
from the career experts
at Indeed.
It doesn’t matter how
qualified or educated
you are for your new
position; you’re not
expected to know everything about the operation during your first
week. Take this time to
familiarize yourself with
your surroundings, policies and peers.
To alleviate anxiousness, try to introduce
yourself to as many

At this point, you
should be settling into
your new role. Now is
a good time to begin
organizing tasks and
determining how to perform them efficiently.
After the first month,
your coworkers and
managers are likely becoming more comfortable with you also and
may offer more constructive criticism than
before. It’s important
to use this as a chance
to grow rather than get
offended. Being humble
and open-minded can
help you transition into
the new setting faster.
people as you can. It
shows that you’re eager
about the opportunity
and interested to share

your enthusiasm. This
could lead to a chance
to grab lunch or coffee after befriending a

coworker. Their knowledge of the environment will be an advantage.

After the first few
months, you should
have a good grasp on
the responsibilities sur-

rounding your new role.
Be proactive in setting
ambitious goals and
create a strategy for
reaching them.
Once these obligations become comfortable, step up the level
of difficulty to challenge
This is also a good
time to establish
boundaries. In your first
few months, you may
feel obligated to take
on more work, but after
learning what you can
handle, it’s OK to say
no if it will impact your
performance negatively.
Try to touch base
with previous coworkers once you settle in
to the new position.
Keeping your professional network in tact is
an important part of any


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