Details for Congratulations to our 2109 Better Newsp

TO OUR 2019 BETTER NEWSPAPER CONTEST WINNERS CONTEST SPONSORED BY THE: ▪ BEST SERIES 1st Place - Staff Homeless in Siouxland COMMENTS FROM THE JUDGES: This is a prime example of covering an issue with a series of stories (and other elements) that actually effected change in their community. That is what journalism is all about and why this was the clear-cut winner head and shoulders above the rest. Excellent storytelling. This group of journalists should be proud of what they a have done, not only for their effort, but their community. I can’t say enough good things about this work. ▪ BEST SLIDESHOW 1st Place ▪ BEST FEATURE PAGE 2nd Place ▪ BEST PERSONALITY FEATURE STORY 1st Place ▪ BEST COVERAGE OF GOVERNMENT & POLITICS 3rd Place ▪ BEST ADVERTISING IDEA FOR COMMUNITY PROMOTION OR EVENT 1st Place ▪ BEST COVERAGE OF BUSINESS 2nd Place ▪ BEST WEB ADVERTISING 1st Place ▪ BEST COVERAGE OF COURT & CRIME 3rd Place Justin Wan & Ian Richardson Dolly Butz Creative Services Team Creative Services Team Staff Staff Staff Staff ▪ BEST COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP 3rd Place Staff ▪ BEST TOTAL NEWSPAPER DESIGN 3rd Place Staff ▪ BEST FRONT PAGE 3rd Place Staff ▪ BEST SPORTS SECTION 3rd Place Staff SUBSCRIBER SERVICES: 800-397-2213 ▪ 712-293-4200 ▪

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