Details for ROP November 12 Seminar 1-MULTI

JOINT & BACK PAIN | NEUROPATHY | COPD Experience healing with regenerative stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Centers! As a national leader in stem cell therapy, we have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions. Our network of top medical providers utilizes stem cells that are ethically and safely donated. Our advanced treatment protocols include rigorous testing and processing of the stem cells at an FDA approved biologic lab. Back, Neck, & Shoulders “I’m actually surprised at how productive it was in such a short period of time, especially in my back. I’ve been so pleased with the results.” ~ Bill “I would definitely recommend it for anybody to try before any kind of surgery.” ~ Betty Hip & Shoulder Pain “When I got my second treatment it got even better; I’m just so happy with what Stem Cell Centers has done for me. I finally fell asleep and the next morning, that pain, it was gone. It was gone!” ~ Moises COPD “Two weeks after my first treatment and I was breathing better. I used to use the nebulizer every 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I was down to every three hours within two weeks. I just feel amazing. I’m just super amazed at this and I’m so happy I can breathe. I don’t need oxygen” ~ Susan View more testimonials on our website! Gain the Knowledge at one of our free Educational Seminars Our National Educational Speakers will share with you their expertise and passion about stem cell therapy. Have your questions answered and discover how stem cells could end your chronic pain. SIOUX CITY Mon. November 12 at 12p & 6p Stoney Creek Hotel - 300 3rd St RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! or schedule a FREE in-office consultation (712) 340-9399 SPACE IS LIMITED, CALL NOW! Financing options available ailable. Our Treat-A-Veteran-A-Day-For-Free ministry is one of our proudest endeavors. Under this ministry we treat one veteran a day at each of our clinics. Learn more at *Stem cell therapy is still considered experimental by the FDA.

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