Details for August Activities for Kids

August Activities for Kids 

American Artist Appreciation Month

Your kids don't have to be famous artists for them to be honored this month.

Paint with your kids to celebrate the artiste in your house. Get creative with outdoor painting, paint with marbles and make your own finger paint. Really feeling inspired? Paint your child's bedroom together.

National Home Business Month

Bring out the kidpreneur in your child. Let National Home Business Month be their inspiration for starting their own business venture. From lemonade stands to dog walking, there are plenty of business ideas for kids that they can start today. Got a mini-Internet junkie on your hands? Put their interests to good use and help them create a website with these online business ideas for kids.

National Catfish Month

How exactly do you celebrate National Catfish Month? Go fishing with your kids! You don't need a boat or a tackle box. Just grab a rod or make your own, get a bobber, hook, bait, your children and find some water. There are so many fishing kits for kids to choose from (compare prices). There's even a Barbie version!

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