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Book Beat    Mater Dei Nativity Middle School

What is your favorite book, or your favorite book series?  The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, is definitely my favorite book series by far. I am currently reading the fourth book and there are thirteen in the series. 

The books are about these three children whose parents have perished in a fire. The oldest child is Violet, the middle child is Klaus, and the youngest is Sunny Baudelaire. Their parents mentioned in their will that if they were ever to pass away that they would want the children to stay with the closest family member; that relative is Count Olaf. They go from home to home because of the evil man, Count Olaf, and his henchmen. He is after the enormous fortune their parents left for them that is not to be used until Violet comes of age. The children manage to outsmart him every time he comes back into their lives. I could go on and on about how amazing and adventurous the book and movie series are, but I would not want to spoil it for you. Trust me,you will not regret checking these books out.  Madyson Lang                       


You are staying up until 11:25 p.m. reading a trilogy from the 50’s. Suddenly, you reach one of the several climaxes from the book, you feel drowsy, and then the next image you see is dawn approaching. You might be one of the common readers of a popular trilogies, and especially the millions of readers who read Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers by J.R.R Tolkien. This book is very attention-grabbing and shows the author’s creativity, original thoughts, and knowledge of hooking many readers. The Two Towers is third out of the four novels he wrote. The reading of The Two Towers contains much suspense including plots and ‘dumb’ humor throughout. To summarize the catastrophes, events, and characters affiliations; the kin who resist the evil Sauron are most of the Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits in the area.  There are also some kingdoms of men, and some other  odd creatures that lurk upon the land of Middle Earth, or another name for the groups of territories in Tolkien’s novels. Sauron’s henchmen and followers follow as Sauruman (the evil wizard), many different types of orcs and goblins which are said to be fallen elves or men, and even some large versions of orcs like trolls.

The evil wizard Sauruman and the persecutor Sauron use their citadels and land around them for developing large, ‘fresh’ legions of orcs to launch assaults on Middle Earth; resulting with around 10,000 orcs from Sauruman’s domain to attack the nearby kingdom of Rohan. The King of Rohan commands his people to flee into a bunker-like fortress called Helm’s Deep. Meanwhile, a hobbit (a small elf-like being) named Frodo and his companion are getting closer to destroying the ring of Sauron, which would obliterate his spirit, making this the most difficult and important task. A hobbit named Gollum that was possessed by the ring accompanies them on their journey and causes much more havoc. The Wizard Gandalf aids the people of Rohan in physical and with guidance before the battle. Will the people of Rohan battling in Helm’s Deep be the successors over Saurumans orc-army; and will Frodo be able to have the strength to stand by Gollum and find a path into the evil lands of Mordor where Sauron dwells? This can only be answered truly in one way – don’t watch the movie but I highly suggest reading the book! My conclusion on this novel is that the trilogy Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers is wondrous and is worth the weekly read. Luke Morgan   Grade 6


If you like mythology I have the perfect author for you. His name is Rick Riordan. I can’t put any of his books down.The first series that I read was Percy Jackson. It is about a boy who learns extraordinary things about his family and the world. He travels the world with his friends and tries to help anyone he meets.  The next series is Gods of Olympus. It is a continuation of Percy Jackson, so I would read that first. It has some iconic characters along with some fresh new ones.

This next series is the Kane Chronicles.  It is about a brother and sister who learn more about Egyptian mythology then they could have imagined. They try and stop evil gods and monsters.  Personally, I believe this is a great series, and if you want to start reading books by Rick Riordan, do this series.

The final series I will be telling you about is Magnus Chase. It is about Norse Mythology. Magnus Chase, the protagonist, experiences drastic changes in his life throughout the series. It is a great series for those who love all things Norse. Luke E             Grade 7


Have you ever wanted to explore a world beyond this? Well, you can when you read this amazing book. It is called Ready Player One and it will stimulate your imagination.

The plot is about a seventeen year old named Wade Watts as he explores the OASIS, a virtual Reality world that contains billions of players and as he hunts for an Easter egg.

In the OASIS, he goes by Parzival and five years before the book, the founder of the OASIS dies and leaves behind the eEster egg that’ll give the player who finds it full control over the OASIS. Players who attempt to find it are called Gunters, egg hunters.

I will not say anymore about it because there is too much good stuff about this book that I do not want to spoil.  It is easier to read if you enjoy classic, sci-fi movies and games from the 80s. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.   Joseph O                       Grade 7


Action. Adventure. Exhilaration. These are just words to describe my favorite book series, Warrior CatsWarriors is an outstanding book series by Erin Hunter and is about groups of cats living in wild territory. These felines aren’t totally feral like you’d expect, mainly because of their organized society and hierarchy. These cats live in four Clans in forest territory, but are later driven out by humans, they had to make a new settlement almost totally away from human (or, as the series calls them, Twoleg) civilization. This is anew settlement that surrounds a large lake, big enough to support five Clans. These five Clans are called ShadowClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and SkyClan. All the cats in these Clans worship their ancestor Clan, StarClan, and follow strict rules called The Warrior Code.

If you read Warrior Cats, I can easily assure you, you may never run out of decent and interesting books to read. Not only does the large series have six main arcs each consisting of six books featuring the main plots of the series, but there are also super editions (larger books that feature favorite characters, etc.) and novellas (shorter books featuring more main characters set in between the arcs). On top of that, there are also mangas, which are comics that help readers delve into the warriors world, and field guides, which reveal secrets, give some much needed explanations, and summarize the series and characters overall. So trust me, if you’re looking for entertainment, look no more, and go to your library’s bookshelf and check out Warriors.

 Logan M       Grade 7


Do you ever get bored? If so, I think you should read Backlash. It is a great book with a great story line. There are also many great lessons to be learned.           

 This book is about a girl named Lara. She had a best friend named Bree. They were planning to make the cheer squad together, but all didn’t go as planned. When only Lara made the cheer squad, Bree became envious. Bree wanted to get revenge on Lara. Bree thought the best way to get revenge would be to go online and make a fake Facebook account. She decided to call the person she was pretending to be online Christian. She messaged Lara many mean things. What makes this situation even worse is that Bree’s mother wanted Bree to do this. After a while, Bree didn’t want to keep messaging Lara mean things. Bree wanted her mother to stop, but she refused. I don’t want to give too much away, but I strongly suggest you read Backlash.

 Aubrey E.                 Grade 6


Have you ever read The Legend 0f Zelda Majora’s Mask byAkira Himekawa. In the character Link’s first meeting with Skull Kid he ends up getting turned into a Deku Scrub. Later, Link is no longer a Deku Scrub. First, the Deku Scrubs’ problem is that all the waters are being poisoned and the princess is missing, and the king blames all the wrong people and threatens to burn them alive. Next, the Gorgons’ problem is it won’t stop snowing and they might get buried alive in it. Finally, the Zoras’ problem is all the fish are gone because of the masked monster which is a giant fish.Clock town’s problem is the moon is going to fall. Link must clear out the four different temples and defeat all the masked monsters. Link must save each of the races and defeat all the monsters. But Link is on a time limit of three days or seventy-two hours till the moon falls and kills everyone. Will Link stop Skull Kid and stop the moon from falling? Will Link survive and save the land of Terma and defeat the true evil?  Jack S.          Grade 6


Have you ever read the book Love Lucas? If you haven’t, I totally recommend it. Love Lucas is about a girl named Oakley who loses her brother when he gets sick and is diagnosed with cancer. Oakley and her mom move in with her aunt named Jo. Her aunt lives on Huntington Beach, and she lives by herself because her husband died. Her aunt works with different kinds of animals. One day a boy named Carson who lived next door; met Oakley when she was walking on the beach taking pictures. She also met his best friend named Dillon. Oakley and Dillon didn’t really have a connection but Carson and Oakley did. Carson later on asked Oakley to go to a bonfire they were having on the beach to get to know each other better. Oakley said she didn’t know, but she would ask. She was able to go. When they were at the bonfire, Carson and Dillon introduced Oakley to everyone. A couple days later, Oakley saw Carson surfing; she really wanted to learn how to surf. Oakley told Carson he was a good surfer and he asked her if she wanted to learn and she said yes. If you’d like to know what happens next, read Love Lucas. Bella W.  Grade 7


Have you ever read Restart? If not, I encourage you to. The author’s name is Gordon Korman. He has written books like Swindle, Slacker, Schooled, Ungifted, and Masterminds.  When I’m reading this book, it’s impossible to put down. Restart is about Chase Ambrose, a school bully and town hero, who falls off of his roof and is sent to the hospital. When he wakes up he doesn’t know any of the people surrounding him. Now he has to learn his whole life all over again starting with his name.

At school, some kids treat him like a hero; others seem to be terrified of him. He makes new friends and learns who his friends were before the fall. Soon he figures out it’s not only a question of who is he, it’s a question of who he was and who’s he’s going to be. 

 Maggie B    Grade 7


The Help takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in 1963. The main character is twenty-two year old, Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ Phelan, who is a graduate of Ole Miss. She wants to be a writer and gets a job as an editor for the Junior League . She filled in for the Miss Myrna, a house keeping advice columnist ,with the help of Aibileen Clark.

Aibileen works at the Leefolt’s household. She cares for their toddler, Mae Mobley. Her own son, Treelore Clark, died at the age of twenty-four while working at a lumber mill. Her best friend, Minny, works for Miss Walters. Miss Walter’s evil daughter, Hilly Holbrook, is president of the Jackson Junior League. In which she does a lot of ‘charity work’. Do not let her ‘good deeds’ fool you because if you cross her she will take everything from you. Skeeter sees how the help is treated and decides to write about the true stories of domestic servants: but she must find twelve domestic maids willing to help. Many refuse at first because of how risky it is but change their minds when Hilly does something horrible to her own maid. It is comical and an astounding book.  Briley L.    Grade 7


Imagine a gorilla looking at you just waiting for you to blink. The book I am going to be telling you about is The One and Only Ivan. This book is about a gorilla that is in a mall exhibit with his elephant friend. They have been friends for a really long time; in fact they met each other on opening day and figured out that they have a lot in common.

It was a regular day. Mack the janitor was coming around the corner with his bucket and mop, and his daughter was sitting right in front of Ivan while she drew. Every once in a while, she slipped Ivan some paper and finger paint. Soon the head manager figured this out and began to sell it. While Ivan painted, his elephant friend who was old and frail, came to the barrier between them and watched. After a couple weeks they put on their daily show. Ivan would pound his chest and the elephant would jump in and out of the rings, but Ivan noticed that she was struggling. Later that night, Ivan had a dream about becoming a zoo animal; he could run free and do whatever he wanted instead of being trapped in a cage all day. Then Ivan woke up startled by the groaning of his elephant friend. He tried to make her feel better but that didn’t work. Soon it was quiet. Ivan felt a pierce in his heart. Then he knew that very moment his best friend died.

Find out what Ruby thinks of her new home. And how will Ivan deal with the passing of his elephant friend. This book was written by K. A. Applegate.  Lauren B.   Grade 6


The Miracle Season by Kathy Bresnahan and David Aaron Cohen

This book about the game of volleyball is very good. This is my favorite sport, so of course I had to read the book and watch the movie. I was very inspired by this story because it’s main theme is to not give up and work hard at both practice and games. This story isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about teamwork and trying your very hardest. This book can be sad but very positive and uplifting. There was a girl named Caroline and she gets in an accident. Her volleyball team tries to play without her. They need to win 15 games to go to state. They won state the last year with Caroline and they’re going to try to do it again. If you want to know if they go to state or win state, then you better read the book and watch the movie.  Sumaya L.           Grade 6


Sit, Stay, Love is a book about a dog, but not just any dog. A girl named Cecilia Murray loves the dog “Potato” but can’t adopt him because her dad can’t afford it. Luckily, Cecilia works at the pet shelter where Potato is staying right now so she can see Potato every day. Sooner or later a guy named Eric Chung and his mom go in the pet shelter and are looking for a dog to adopt. Cecilia is praying they don’t choose Potato. But they do end up choosing Potato. Now Cecilia only has a couple days left with Potato. She goes to the same school as Eric. Eric’s family has a lot of dogs which are all show dogs, but Potato wouldn’t be a great one to show. However, according to Eric he is a good show dog. Eric tries to prove to his parents that Potato is a good dog and can be a show dog. Eric has now made a deal with Cecilia. If Cecilia helps Eric to train Potato, he will give her the money if Potato wins the dog show.  Cecilia doesn’t know if she should help and risk the chance of winning... or not help and maybe get to have Potato back again. If you would like a book that has suspense, this book is good for you! This book was written by J. J. Howard.   Alyssa R.        Grade 6


What’s one of your favorite books of all time? Well, one of my favorite books of all time is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I picked this book to write about because I think it’s a fantastic heartwarming story, one for all ages.

Before we start, let me tell you when The Giving Tree was written and published. The Giving Tree was published in 1964 by Harper and Row. It was first written in October, 7 1964. The Giving Tree has been translated into numerous languages. 

The Giving Tree is about this kid and a tree. It’s no ordinary kid and tree because the kid and tree love each other very much. The tree and the kid play every single day. But, as the kid gets older and older the relationship seems to change.  Friendship comes in many ways and if you want to find out what happens when the kid gets older, then read The Giving Tree I recommend this book.  Jack J                      Grade 6


Have you ever read anything by John Green? If not, I will tell you about my absolute favorite book that just so happens to be by John Green!

This book is about Miles Halter starting college. This book takes place in present day time in Alabama. While at college, Miles ends up meeting a girl named Alaska Young. She is a very kind girl with a deep and mysterious past. Will she share it with Miles? What will it take to get Alaska to tell Miles about her past? This book perfectly illustrates all the experiences and emotions you may feel while starting college. It is an attention-grabbing and humorous book. It always keeps you wanting more. This book, in my opinion, is one of the best. If you enjoy a funny but serious book, I think this book is definitely for you.  McKayla M           Grade 6


Lara, a normal high school girl, is no different than us. She goes to school, goes on Facebook, wants a boyfriend. Lara has been struggling with weight all her life and finally loses it before making the cheer team. Her neighbor, also former best friend, Bree is jealous the Lara made the cheer team and she did not. This is where Lara’s life turns the wrong direction. She gets a direct message from a guy named Christian DeWitt that supposedly is a model from Abercrombie. Lara and this guy, Christian, text each other every day and Lara’s sister, Sydney, sees that it is getting out of hand. Sydney doesn’t do anything about it, but I bet she wished she had.  Does Lara know that the Christian she’s talking to isn’t the actual Christian she thinks he is?

The book that I have been informing you about is Backlash. The author is Sara Darer Littman. She is a great author and has published many book like In Case You Missed it. Her books make people love and want to read. Read the book Backlash and you will have no regrets whatsoever!  Ava M.    Grade 6


I chose Shark Girl as my book. This story is an inspiring book that I think everyone should be able to read. The author of this inspiring story is Kelly Bingham. This incredible author, in my opinion, just made it so that you feel what it is like to be in other people’s shoes and seeing how they bounce back from either being in a horrible car crash, shark attack (like in this book), or just going through something that will forever change your life. After 15 year old Jane gets into a shark attack, she doesn’t know what’s ahead of her in life. Later, she finds out that just because the doctors amputated her right arm doesn’t mean that she can’t do what she loves which is art. I loved this book for a lot more reasons than one. The message is when you have a life changing event that changes your life forever don’t let that event control your life.

Delaney P   Grade 6


Have you ever been bored reading a book? I have. That’s why you should read the thrilling, most exhilarating and mind grabbing book series out there, The Selection Series written by Kiera Cass. There are two series, a mother series and a daughter series. The mother series is about America who doesn’t want to go into the “selection”but does to make her boyfriend, Aspen, happy.  What is a “selection?” There are so many plot twists that you will be filled with tons of anticipation! America ends up winning but what happened to Aspen? What happened to America’s family?

It is important to read the mother series before daughter series because there are a lot of references and sayings that you learn in the mother’s series. In my opinion the mother series was better. Eadlyn is America’s daughter who has some siblings (all boys). Eadyln does not want to go into the “selection” at all. She insists that she does not need a soul mate and she will not find one. But...she finds herself in love. Her mind is denying it, but her heart says something else. What a book...what a’ll have to read them all to find answers to your questions.  Anna M.  Grade 6


Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to live one day over and over again? Well, one girl got to experience this. Her name is Samantha Kingston. But it is not as great as it sounds. Why? If you really want to know, you should probably go read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It is about a normal high school girl with good friends. She is very popular at her school. All of her friends, including her, have been mean to another girl for a long time. Then on Valentine’s Day, this girl takes her life. Then the next morning, Sam wakes up in what appears to be the same day. She will keep waking up for a long time on that Valentine’s Day as she needs to find a way to save this girl before time runs out.

This book has a very good storyline with good characters who all have a good side to them, even if they seem mean. I think that the moral of the story is that even if you don’t think you are hurting someone, you are and that is wrong. This book can teach kids the importance of not bullying and to be nice to everyone. Bella J.  Grade 6


Keep Me in Mind is an amazing book written by Jaime Reed. It is about a girl named Ellia and a boy named Liam. Ellia’s parents don’t like Liam, possibly because he’s from another race, so Liam and Ellia have to wake up at 5:30 every morning just to see each other. They were on a walk one morning when Ellia fell and hit her head. In this fall, she didn’t just lose her balance, she lost two years of her life.

When Ellia wakes up in her hospital bed, she doesn’t recognize the crying boy standing over her. She recognizes Stacey, her best friend since Kindergarten. She recognizes her parents, but not this boy. Liam is devastated. He does his best to make Ellia remember him, but Ellia isn’t looking for a boyfriend right now, and if she’s being honest, she thinks Liam is kind of clingy. Also, Liam is kind of suspicious. He was the only one at the beach the day Ellia fell. He’s the only one who knows what really happened. Does he have something to do with the accident? What is he hiding? Read Keep Me in Mind to find out!

Karley K.  Grade 6


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