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Kid Scoop News Siouxland


The Power of Reading

Reading is key to a child’s potential for success in life. The more kids read, the more they succeed. In third grade students make the leap from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn.’ But too many students fall behind and struggle, and some never catch up.


Awaken the Magic of Reading

To read, kids need topics they’re interested in presented in a way that entices them to read. That’s where Kid Scoop News, a non-profit to get kids reading more, comes in.

Each school month we distribute a reader, called Kid Scoop News, to Siouxland classrooms. Each issue ‘wraps’ favorite topics like sports, pets and science in activities such as word searches, drawing and puzzles kids really love. That’s the magic!


Equal Opportunity for All Kids

Unlike digital devices, with Kid Scoop News, students get their own personal copy to hold and read, write in, cut up and take home. Sometimes it’s the only reading material they have.

Kid Scoop News is free to deserving kids because it’s paid for by sponsors. So please consider sponsoring a child, a classroom or a school and give more kids a chance to succeed.

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