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March Madness


March Madness is HERE!!! I have been waiting all year for this. In March Madness, you fill out a bracket for the NCAA tournament. I like March Madness because people get very competitive! I think that Nebraska, Iowa State, Creighton, and for sure North Carolina, Purdue, and Kansas will get into the tournament.

You can compete against each other for money! I hope that Nebraska gets in because they are my favorite basketball team! They only need 2two more wins and then they are in because you only need 20 wins to get in.  I do not think that Iowa will make it to the NCAA tournament because they are not very good this year. Nebraska beat Iowa in basketball by 14 in January. In the end, I want my favorite team  Nebraska, to win! Brady Maas                      Mater Dei


Do you like basketball? I do and it’s finally here. Oh, the madness we endure! After the regular season ends the best 64 teams go to March Madness. My favorite college basketball team is Iowa State. Iowa State made it to the final four in 1954. But that’s the farthest we have ever made it. One yea,r a long time ago, Indiana went 40-0 and never lost a game. That’s crazy! Duke is a very good school as well. 2015 was their last championship win. In 2017, North Carolina won and got redemption from the year before. In 2016, they lost the championship from a buzzer-beater in the last second to Villanova. What a time to be alive!

This year will be crazy with the number 1 seed team with 5 or so loses. Maybe a ten seed will win! That would be nuts if that happened. Well... I should go and watch more basketball! Let’s see who wins March Madness!  Jaron Bleeker                       Mater Dei


I am going to be writing about March Madness and the tips for filling out a good bracket. I don’t really watch or follow basketball much, but I love March Madness. I really hope that Iowa makes it in this year, they didn’t last year. Iowa isn’t having a very good season this year; they are 12-15 and 11th in the Big Ten. Iowa isn’t really a big school for basketball, their sport is football.

March Madness first started in 1939 and the Oregon Ducks won it. Here are my tips for filling out a good bracket. Whenever I fill out a bracket, I like to have a few upsets. I usually pick my teams mostly by the seeds. I will sometimes pick by the coolest names of the teams if I can’t decide on one. This year I think Michigan State is going to win it all. There were some of my tips, hope it helped.  Nate Solma                    Mater Dei


My favorite part about March is the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Here are some facts.  Never has a sixteenth seed ever beaten a one seed. The chances of a perfect bracket are one and one trillion. UCLA has the most championships with eleven. The University of Kentucky also known as UK has the second most wins with eight.

My predictions for the elite eight Villanova, Gonzaga, Xavier, Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and UK. Who do you think will make the final four? I hope UK wins for their ninth national championship. But if UK gets to the final four, they will have to go through the Tar Heels or UCLA. I also like Oklahoma’s chances; they have a good offense. For the Midwest, Michigan State takes the cake; they have by far the best team. The West might be Xavier; I have a good feeling about them. Those are my March Madness picks. Who do you want to win?   Kannon Bork    Mater Dei


Bam! He’s running, running, and down! Hold on for a second. You don’t even know what I’m talking about. It’s turkey season everybody! Turkey hunting is awesome! These are the reasons why. Number one, it’s important when shooting guns to know safety issues. Number two, it takes care of the environment and keeps the wildlife population steady. It’s fun hearing all the sounds in the woods and seeing animals pop out of nowhere. Thank you for reading my paper. If you want to know, I shot my first turkey at 5:00 p.m. exactly on October 15, 2017 and I was only 11 years old at the time. You should try turkey hunting sometime. Trust me, you will like it! 

Cahill Kirkpatrick                Mater Dei


The anticipation is unreal.  Waiting to see if my team makes it into the final bracket is a nail- biting experience. March Madness is upon us!  This is why I love March Madness so much.  March Madness is a story of the underdog. There are 64 teams in the tournament.  Each team is divided into four divisions on their rank.  North, east, south, and west; that’s how the teams are divided into the four divisions. Each team is given a rank 1-16. The 16th seed plays the 1st seed and so on. I like upsets because I like to see the lower seed win.  I also love to see buzzer beaters. A buzzer beater is when you make a shot right when the buzzer goes off. It’s really exciting to see a buzzer go off and see the team’s celebration. The next thing I love about March Madness is filling out a bracket. I like predicting to see who I will pick to win it all.  I also enter a contest and whoever predicts the most games right wins money.  Jack Jensen Mater Dei

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