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BUYING OLD TOYS Joel Magee is the Disney expert on the hit T.V. show PAWN STARS airing on the History Channel For Toy Questions please call 561.628.1990 AVERAGE WAIT TIME ONLY 5 TO 10 MINUTES! Joel will be at this event 9am -to5:30pm 6pm 10am every day COINS AND CURRENCY 1964 & OLDER ALSO BUYING ANTIQUE POCKET WATCHES, CLASS RINGS, & GOLD JEWELRY OLD METAL TOYS Lunch boxes & Slot Cars 1980s and older 1960 and OLDER Buying Dolls from 1960s and earlier Buying all action figures from 1980s & older including GI Joe BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL & HOCKEY TRADING CARDS, & PLAYER USED BATS, GLOVES, JERSEYS, BALLS AUTOGRAPHS ETC.,1960’S & OLDER COMIC BOOK S Star Wars Toys 1977-1989 BUYING NINTENDO VIDEO GAMES 1970’S & OLDER WE BUY OLD TOYS FROM THE MID 1980’S & OLDER. CASH PAID! IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING ODD OR UNUSUAL BUT NOT NECESSARILY A TOY, BRING IT ANYWAY. WE MAY BE INTERESTED IF IT IS OLD. ALSO BUYING BB GUNS. Hot Wheels 1960s thru 1970s PEZ Dispensers 1940s-1970s Buying all Political items from the 1700s thru the 1950s pins, posters, flyers etc. Barbies 1960s thru 1975 Buying DISNEY character toys from the 1920s thru 1970s DISNEYWORLD/DISNEYLAND Looking for park tickets, souvenirs toys including actual items used at the parks like signs, ride vehicles, posters, original cast member costumes, etc. 1950s thru the 2000s. 3 OPTIONS FOR SELLING Buying all Gas & Oil advertising items 1960s and older Soda, Ice Cream, Beer, Tobacco, etc. advertising items 1960s and older Buying US Civil War items & WW1 & WW2 Japanese and German Items One DayMonday FridayAugust August we will be at4th, 3rd,7th Tuesday August ONLY! Wednesday The Hilton Innbe at the August Garden 5th we will Hampton at Aksarben at Park 1401 SRoad. 72nd St on the Inn Riverfront 1132located Larsen in Omaha, NE. be Weopen will befrom open from We will 10am 9am to 5:30pm each day. to 6pm Option #1 Call 561 628 1990 to make a personal 1 on 1 appointment with Joel, no one else will be there. Option #2 New Drive Up Service, no appointment needed. Just call and let us know when you are coming and you can stay in your vehicle and we will have a table set up next to you and we will appraise & buy without you ever having to get out of your vehicle. Option #3 You can come any time during open hours and we will have chairs 10 feet apart (just so you know there are never any crowds). Usually there are no more than 3 to 5 people in the large banquet room at any given time. BRING AS MANY OLD TOYS AS YOU CAN. We have assistants available. We buy mid 1960’s and older Barbie related dolls and clothing. Others like LITTLE KIDDLES, MATTEL, SHIRLEY TEMPLE, VOGUE,AND MUCH MORE. MADAME ALEXANDER, EXCEPT Alexander Dolls in blue boxes from 1970s. Hot Wheels from the 1960s and 70s with REDLINES on the wheels are very desirable. Cap guns, plastic models, battery operated toysand robots, super hero figures, slot cars. 1940s through 60s SUPER HERO COMIC BOOKS, gum cards and boxes. PEZ DISPENSERS, tin lunch boxes, electric trains, and frankly there are so manytypes of toys wecan’t list them all. So bring any mid 1980’s or older toy. Even if your toy is missing parts, it still has value for restoration. WE ARE NOW BUYING ALL TYPES OF ACTION FIGURES FROM THE 1980s AND EARLIER INCLUDING STAR WARS,TRANSFORMERS, INDIANA JONES AND JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER CHARACTER YOU CAN THINK OF. WE ALSO BUY LARGE COLLECTIONS. WE DON’T BUY: stuffed toys or stuffed dolls, cabbage patch dolls, Fisher Price or Playskool toys or baby and toddler toys, doll furniture, puzzles, books or records, no board games, unless they are TV show or Character related. WE ALSO BUY LARGE COLLECTIONS. ADMISSION IS FREE! PARKING IS FREE! ADVERTISEMENT “PAWN STARS” Expert Joel Magee Hunting for ToyTreasures EVERYONE DREAMS OF HAVING THEIR very own time machine. Joel Magee found his at a Midwestern flea market in 1982 for just $20. “I went over and looked at this old G.I. Joe lunch box,” recalled the 57-year Sioux City, Iowa native. “All of a sudden, a flood of memories came back. I could see myself eating a ham and cheese sandwich in the gym at Crescent Park Elementary. I could see my friends and I could see everything like I was in a time machine turning back the clock to 1967. Such was the power of a humble lunch box. These days Magee helps bring the power of vintage toys to others while showing off his love for collecting at shows nationwide. From board games to action figures, from model cars to Comic books, Magee has seen it all. He’s also bought a considerable amount of it. And like any good collector, he owns one of the first Barbie dolls ever made from way back in 1959 and he owns a copy of the original 1962 comic which brought Spider Man to life for the first time. Plus, he’s even got a rare Jawa from Star Wars with a plastic cape. “In the movie, the Jawa had a cloth cape and somebody at the factory put on a plastic cape,” Magee said. “George Lucas went crazy, saying, This figure is not supposed to have a plastic cape’ and he made them change it to cloth. But about 100 of them still made it out of the factory.” Any of those toys would fetch thousands on the open market and Magee knows that such items can be found lying forgotten and gathering dust in attics and garages coast to coast. Just four years after his lunch box find, he was on the road going to toy shows looking for lost treasures and today he encourages folks to attend his buying events where old toys can be appraised and exchanged for cold cash. His company, The Toy Scout, is managed by himself, his wife, Kimmy, and his daughter, Tiffany. “I’ve had people come back five or six times over the course of a couple of days.” Magee said. “People bring me toys by the thousands and at every event there are toys I’ve never seen before.” Magee will be on the lookout August 7th when he hosts the Greater Sioux City Area Vintage Buying Show at the Hilton Garden Inn located at: On the Riverfront 1132 Park Road in Sioux City. Now recognized nationwide as “America’s Toy Scout”, he’s set to create a TV pilot for his very own show under that name. It certainly won’t be his fi rst rodeo in the world of broadcast, having already come to the public eye on the History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars” as an expert on everything Disney related, including the theme parks. Joel says it is an extreme honor to be the Disney expert on the show and it is a blast working with Rick, Corey and Chumlee. If you visit Las Vegas, Rick just built anew “Pawn Plaza” next door to the pawn shop and he has anew gallery featuring some of his most treasured fi nds, and his new restaurant, “Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ &Tavern,” Chumlee has a candy shop with just about every treat you could imagine, and they also have behind-the-scenes tours, so make sure to visit for details. But Magee still loves the one-on-one personal interaction of fi nding old toys and hearing new stories from their owners. He encourages everyone to rifl e through childhood items in search of hitting hidden dirt. Joel is often asked how old do toys have to be to have an interest? And the magical answer is when people reach about the age of 40 they begin to reminisce about there childhood and think about getting their old toys back to revisit their childhood memories. That now puts us to the 1980s and older. The 90s and newer will have their day but not quite yet. Joel does give some important advice. Be careful not to accidentally wash the pay dirt off before you show it to him.Wellintentioned efforts at cleaning could destroy a valuable discovery. “People spray a toy with Windex and the paint starts dripping off,” he said. “Even if a toy is covered in grime, I can still appraise it.” Another piece of advice? The worst way to start a collection is with items labelled “collectible.” “That word or ‘limited edition’ items typically denote something with little potential to rise in value,” he said. “It’s just a gimmick.” Magee said that promotional toys can be among the most valuable to save. “The best toys to buy are those that are made to go along with movie or TV promotions,” he said. “If they become hits, then the toys related to them will also be a hit and the values will go up.” Of course, if they don’t, they won’t be worth anything. There is no telling what those old toys you still have from decades gone by might be worth –at least not until an expert like Magee can get a look at them. That’s why he loves talking to the public and seeing all the items they bring to him. “No matter what news I give them, whether their fi nd is valuable or worthless,” he said, “I think people appreciate getting a solid answer so they can finally resolve that nagging question of whether there is any money in that old cobwebcovered toy box in eternal storage back home.” “Over time, everyone started calling me ‘The Toy Scout’ because I was traveling all over looking for this stuff, and people began to ask me to find toys from their youth, too,” he said. The truth is that Magee collects more than just toys. He is a keeper of the past. “For the last 30 years I have been scouting America to reunite people with their childhood memories.” Here is a sample of what Joel will be looking for: Pez candy dispensers with no feet, Hotwheels toy cars with red lines on the wheels, trains, tin wind up toys, slot cars, lunch boxes, Disney & Disneyland, old advertising signs, battery operated toys, old dolls from the 1950s and older, all kinds of movie related or super hero toys from the 1980s and GI Joe, super hero figures, Star Wars ships and figures, cowboy cap gun and items, Transformers, comic books from the 1970s and older, Matchbox, Barbie dolls, even old silver coins 1964 and older. In fact there are so many old toys that we can’t name them all, so bring everythingand we will be happy to sort through. Admission and parking: Free Hours each 10am to 5:30pm 9am day to 6pm Any questions? Call America’s Toy Scout, Joel Magee, 561-628-1990 XNSP38940_V3