Details for Greetings 2018 - Ad from 2020-06-24

In remembrance of my Husband:
Lyle E. VanDerVliet,
To the love of my life whom I lost on 06/24/2019: I miss you every second of
every single day! I miss your Good Morning hugs. I miss your text messages
saying 'break time"? Are we meeting on the
patio or in the shop? You calling me and
saying hey I need your eyes to help me find
something in the shop" Whose turn is it to
buy lunch? The pictures you would send
while on the road trucking. I miss hearing the
shop door close around 6:00 in the evening,
knowing that you were heading to the house
for supper. I miss your laugh, trucking stories
and helping you in the shop. You telling me
about the world problems you and the guys
solved on Saturdays at Nachos.

Until w
we meet again,
our wif