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Tim Mundorf
CVA Nutrient Management Lead

We are done with corn
weed control and finishing
up soybeans for the 2019
crop year. One step we
sometimes try to forget is an
end of season assessment of
weed control. Over the next
few weeks we need to make
sure we spend some time out
in our fields making a good
assessment of how our weed
control program worked.
Some questions to ask are:
What were our problem
weeds? Did we do a good
job of timely control? What
weeds escaped? What
should we do differently next

One other thing to keep in
mind is even if we are off
label with most herbicides
now, we may not be finished
with weed control. Problem
weeds such as palmer amaranth or glyphosate resistant
giant ragweed may warrant
a little bean or corn walking.
I know I just aged myself,
but I grew up on the farm
before the magical days of
Pursuit and then Roundup.
Walking beans was part of
every summer. If you have a
few palmer escapes take the
time to go out to the field, cut
them off and carry the seed
heads to the burn barrel/
pile. Palmer amaranth is an
incredibly prolific growing
and reproducing plant. It
can and has developed resistance to multiple modes of
herbicide action. If you see
one---Kill it!!!!
For all the concerns of herbicide resistant weeds we
still have some good options
out there. Multiple passes
and herbicide modes of
action works in most fields.
Planting into a clean field

while laying down a foundation of residual herbicide
to stop weeds from emerging continues to give good
weed control. A post pass to
address the weeds that did
make it through while putting
on another residual product
will generally see us through
canopy. Keep track of the
herbicide modes of actions
and vary them to match your
current and potential weed
issues. This will keep the
technologies we have available working in your fields.
Make an appointment this
fall or winter to visit with your
Field Sales Agronomist to review your weed control for
the 2019 crop year. Make a
weed control plan for 2020
based off your successes
and failures this year as well
as previous seasons. I can
assure you that the weed
seed bank in your field is figuring out how they will overcome your plan in 2020. To
learn more, visit cvacoop.
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