Details for Need an excuse to get a trailer?

There’s a difference between collectibles and toys.

Buying two of the exact same car is okay.

Your collection is a part of who you are.

But, most car collectors don’t realize how smart investments in a trailer can be. Just take a look at these 4 reasons why a trailer should be your next purchase:

1. Trailers Give You Peace of Mind

With your cars being your prized collection, one of the biggest priorities for you as a collector is to protect them from harm.

Cars are primarily damaged during 3 unfortunate events:

During transportation to your home, a shop, or an event.

Exposure to elements when being stored.

When being driven. (accidents, road damage, salt/rust, etc.)

In a classic example, you’ve just bought the car of your dreams. You take a few vacation days so that you can work on it after it's dropped off by the transportation service you hired. Unfortunately, the company you hired to tow the car to you arrives days late and with damage to the car. Not only do you need to deal with the hassle of compensation for the damage, you’ve now wasted vacation days!

Owning a trailer, (especially if it’s an enclosed car hauler) will protect your car from damage in all three of these events! When transporting your car to events, the shop for work, or even picking up a new car, you’ll be able to haul the trailer yourself. This not only ensures the trailer isn’t damaged by a car hauling service, it ensures the car is in your control.

Owning your own trailer puts everything in your control. Giving you peace of mind. You're also able to transport the vehicle when salt/rust may be a concern or just to ensure you don’t have to deal with it breaking down on a longer trip!

2. It’ll Save You Money

Sure it’ll be an upfront investment (though if you finance, it can be less than $100 a month!) but in the end, the trailer will end up saving you money. From now on, you’ll be able to save on towing and transportation costs every time you need to move a car! You could be looking at a savings of $100 or more each month! (depending on how often you transport a car.)

3. Your Trailer Will Give You Stories to Tell

One of the joys of cars is the adventures they can send you on and the bonds you build with people on those adventures. Having your own trailer will only increase the chance for a good story with a few close friends.

With a trailer, you’ll be able to travel out of town in search of the next great barn find. Bring a few friends along and you’ll be sure to have a great weekend, even if you don’t end up adding a new vehicle to your collection.

4. It’ll Be Useful Outside of Car Collecting

Another perk of owning your own trailer is that it can be used outside of car collecting. You’ll be able to transport large and bulky items, store items other than cars in it, and even use it to move/help friends move.

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