Where would we be without the amazing advances in technology? Take banking for example. Just a few short years ago, you had to go into your financial institution, drive-up window to get a loan or deposit a check. But today, multi-level security features has brought banking to a new level of convenience. Mobile and online banking have quickly become the norm for many of us. We can apply online for a loan, sign documents electronically, deposit checks and get account balances…all right on our cell phones.

However secure the financial system is (and it is), thieves are always trying to outsmart technology to steal people’s identity and financial information. Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information to obtain access to your existing accounts, or open new accounts or credit lines in your name. Below are some helpful tips you can incorporate to help protect your money and identity when banking virtually.

Password-protect your mobile device and lock your device when it's not in use. Keep your mobile device in a safe location.

Never disclose personal information about your accounts via a text message, i.e. account numbers, passwords, or any combination of information that can be used to steal your identity.

If you change your mobile number or lose your mobile phone, immediately contact your financial institution to change the details of your mobile banking profile.

Do not hack or modify your device, as this will leave it susceptible to infection from a virus or Trojan.

When possible, install mobile security software on your device.

Be aware that malware exists and fraudulent applications will continue to pop up. Don't download applications onto your phone without checking them out first. Verify the legitimacy of an application with your financial institution before downloading it to your smartphone; verify that the app publisher or seller is your financial institution, or if possible, go through your financial institution's website to download the application.

Report any banking application that appears to be malicious to your financial institution right away.

Monitor your financial records and accounts on a regular basis and consider having electronic alerts on account activity sent to your email. Regularly review your statements with online banking. This will enable you to spot any suspicious activity.

You can even look to see if your financial institution offers an ID Theft product you can purchase. However, your bank, be smart about protecting your information by using the tips above as part of your mobile banking strategy.

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