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Are You Living With, Or Worried About Someone Suffering With Chronic Back Pain? SIOUX CITY (IA) Have you ever been told that back pain is just one of those things that comes with your job, family, age and daily stress? Worse, have you been told by your doctor that you “just have to accept it”, take medication, or rest for weeks on end, because nothing else can be done?... If you’re aged 40+, you answered “YES” to any of those questions, and you have suffered with low back pain for longer than 9 days now, then please pay special attention to what I’m about to tell you... It could help save your job, independence, mobility, family and everything else you hold dear in your life. What’s more, if you’re NOT the one who’s suffering, but your husband, wife, partner, mother or father is, then please read on because I have some special information that may benefit you and them... It’s a shame that so many people think their only option is to “rest” or just as bad, mask their pain with pills and hope that it just goes away... ...Because as you may be experiencing, if you’ve suffered for longer than 9 days, something is wrong and there is a problem - and I want to help you by simply showing you all of the different options that are currently available to you - some of which are new, most are free, all are 100% natural and at least one of them you will have overlooked as most doctors don’t know of it, and many insurance companies won’t tell you unless you ask for it!... Get this: I reveal 9 different wants that could possibly make a significant and positive difference to the discomfort and torment you are currently experiencing, in a new report titled: “9 Things You Need To Know About Your Back Pain For Relief Without Pills, Injections Or Surgery!”. Inside is simple, actionable advice, that is easy to follow and proven to work... the kind which can often make the difference between those who suffer for weeks, and those who’s suffering can last a lifetime! My name is Keith Roed, a Physical Therapist who specializes in helping people aged 40+ to find quick, natural and long lasting relief from back pain. And it’s often the case that success with finding long lasting relief from chronic lower back pain is a simple case of “do By Leading Physical Therapist, Keith Roed this, but don’t do that!”... And that’s why I have decided to make you aware of this new Special Report that has been privately published. My reasons for writing this report are clear and simple: to help people in this area make a better, more educated and more informed decision about their health. I want you to read this BEFORE you have the hassle of talking to your network, or even begin to think about who to see, or where to go and how much it will cost - and to show you proof that many things can be done, some by you at home as soon as tonight, to put an end to back pain fast. And, if you’re already receiving care elsewhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something in my report that they aren’t telling you or have skipped over, but you really must know! This quick-reading report is waiting to be rushed to you and is packed full with easy to follow tips and advice based upon 8+ years of helping people like you recover from the daily torment of chronic lower back pain. And the good news is this... Today, I’m giving away a completely FREE copy of this 12 page report (Value $28!). Inside could well be the solution that lets you keep active,maintain independence AND live free from harmful medication for years to come. For example: Discover the real secret to being able to walk further for longer with much LESS back ache. The single biggest back pain mistake that most office workers (and business owners) are making each day - and what to do instead... The change you can make in the bedroom to get a better nights sleep! A simple trick for easing back pain that costs you nothing - perfect if you just want to play golf, cycle longer, or jog further! Ultimately, the report shows you the number one thing anyone aged 40+ can do to actually get to the bottom of back pain without needing a referral from a doctor. If you are currently held back or restricted from things like: getting a good nights sleep, being able to work, keep up with walking with friends, standing in line at the store, playing golf or even spending time with grandkids at the park - then this quick-reading report will help you... request your copy today by calling the clinic on (712) 560-0460. - To Your Great Health, Keith Roed. Paid Advertisement