Details for Multicare Health Clinic - Ad from 2019-11-14

STOP SUFFERING from CHRONIC JOINT PAIN FIND RELIEF with REGENERATIVE MEDICINE & STEM CELLS Connie H. (back & hands) “I’ve had lots of broken bones due to several accidents. I thought I’d have stiffness and pain for life. I tried a lot of pain medications which only worked for a short time, but I paid for it in the long run with stomach and digestion issues. Chiropractic care helped, but after hearing about how stem cells could take me one step further, I was intrigued. The day of the procedure I was a little nervous, but it was amazing how simple and easy it actually was. Immediately, I felt my lower back easing up. I didn’t expect other areas to get better, but then my knee improved even though I didn’t do the injection there. Then my upper back started improving. What I noticed right off the bat was that my adjustments were holding longer and better. If I were to think back six months ago, oh my, it’s night and day. I don’t have the concern or fear of this aging process any more. It’s no longer fearing that I’m going to end up on all these medicines. I feel like my body is taking me forward and wanting to move forward without the pain and stiffness. It changes your entire mental and emotional outlook. You actually want to get up and do things. For the first time in years, I drove my own bike to Sturgis with the stamina to do it and I didn’t have any pain. It was wonderful. It was a decision that I don’t regret and it was not even a question of am I worth it or not, because I know now that I’m more than worth it. It more than paid for itself. If there are people that are not familiar with Multicare and the staff, they are missing out. The personal attention that you get, listening to the details, puts you at ease. I would recommend all their services. You cannot get the one-on-one care anywhere else that I’ve been. I’ve been to a lot of doctors between Omaha, Sioux Falls and Sioux City. This entire facility, they put their heart into it.” Learn about an in-office injection based procedure that is safe and effective to address the source of your pain. You can choose to use your own cells or ethically donated cells. Either way, we abide by strict protocols including rigorous testing and processing at only FDA registered biological laboratories. FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR Tues Nov 19 at 12:00 pm & 5:30 pm 3930 Stadium Drive Sioux City, IA 51106 Mon-Thur 8:30 - 6:00, Fri 8:30 - 2:00 RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! (712) 276-4325 (712) 276-7836 OFFICE HOURS AFTER HOURS SPACE IS LIMITED. CALL NOW! Stem cell therapy is still considered experimental by the FDA. Individual results may vary.