Details for Siouxland Community Health Center/Marketing - Ad from 2019-08-16

In a complex healthcare world,
Community Health Centers make it easy

iouxland Community Health Center
realizes that today’s healthcare
is changing. New
philosophies are evolving.
Today, the focus is rapidly shifting
from treating illness to prevention
and health promotion. For healthcare
providers, it is not the number of
patients that they see at the end of
the day that is most important. Rather,
medical practices are being held
accountable for higher quality in care
and improved health of their patients.
Physicians are working together
with their nurses, case managers, and
other healthcare professionals such
as pharmacists and social workers to
address the total needs of the patient.
This team approach, commonly
known as “patient-centered medical
home,” or PCMH, is not a new
concept. And it isn’t just a new flavor
or fad of healthcare that will soon
fade. This is the real thing.
Patient-centered medical home
is also a concept that spans all life
cycles. As a PCMH, healthcare
providers are making sure that
children are receiving their
immunizations and going to the
dentist. They are helping new
expectant mothers access early

prenatal care to ensure a healthy
pregnancy and well babies. They
are teaching adolescents and young
adults healthy lifestyle choices, and
helping older adults maintain their
So how does a healthcare
provider take care of so many people
with so many needs? Community
health centers across the nation are
often designed to be a “one stop shop
for healthcare.”
Your local place, Siouxland
Community Health Center (SCHC), is
no exception. Since 1992, SCHC has
grown from a tiny Pierce Street clinic
to a multiservice healthcare hub that
serves more than 26,000 patients
each year.
Often, first time visitors to SCHC
walk through the doors and are
amazed. Where else can you receive
medical care with an on-site lab and
X-ray department, a pharmacy to fill
all your prescriptions, a dental clinic,
a social services team and language
interpreters all under one roof?
In addition, SCHC offers prenatal
services, which makes it easy for
expecting mothers to receive their
care and choose a provider for their

It is also worth mentioning that
SCHC also has a team of certified
application counselors that work
with patients to help them determine
their eligibility and enroll in a health
insurance coverage plan such as
Medicaid or plans through the
Siouxland Community Health
Center is also proud of its status as a
nationally recognized patient-centered
medical home. It is a commitment to
high quality patient care among the
200 plus staff and embedded in the
health center’s culture.
Often misunderstood as “the
poor people’s clinic” or mistaken
for the public health department,
SCHC is far from that. The healthcare
providers and team of professionals
that work together at the health center
are experts in their care of people
of all ages, treating each one with
compassion, respect and dignity. It
truly is what being a patient-centered
medical home is all about. It’s time
that SCHC goes from one of the best
kept secrets in Siouxland to becoming
the widely known first choice provider
it deserves.


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