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Applying texture to the walls of your home adds depth and dimension to your décor, and can help characterize or enhance a design theme.

Do I Need a Professional to Texture My Walls?

A number of techniques and materials can be used to achieve a wide array of textured finishes on the walls of your home. An experienced painting contractor can evaluate the condition of your walls and choose the best materials and tools to attain the finish you prefer. A pro can efficiently and thoroughly mask off the job, and apply a quality texture quickly and consistently.

What Are the Benefits of Texturing?

Texturing a wall can help achieve a specific design goal, or simply add visual interest to a smooth surface. Wall textures can also conceal minor imperfections in drywall, providing a new surface for paint and an economical solution for blemishes on wall surfaces or imperfect drywall taping.

How Much Texturing Does My Home Need?

The amount of texture to have applied in your home is a matter of personal preference. You may choose to have the walls of one room, a single accent wall, or your entire home textured. While finish options ranging from subtle to dramatic, the texture is not recommended for kitchens and baths since a smooth wall provides a surface that is easy to clean.

What Types of Textures Are Available for My Home?

Texture options are limitless, but common application techniques provide a range of finishes from the subtle orange peel and swirl patterns to more dramatic lace, knock-down, and stucco styles. Combining texture with a specialized or faux paint finish can yield dramatic and luxurious results.

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