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Did a Minnesota Inventor Just Patent the
Best Plant-Support System Available?
Rochester, Minn.—EZ Step Products is now
selling its innovative, patented plant-support
system directly to consumers at, and on,
and that’s good news for anyone who grows
tomatoes, peppers, or any garden plant that
needs round-the-clock protection from wind,
rain, and Mother Nature.
Formerly available only from select retail hardware stores and garden centers, the EZ Step
line of rugged, durable plant supports is now
shipping nationwide and can be purchased directly by growers of all sizes, from back yard
family gardeners to small specialty producers.
With his system, inventor and company President Terry Nelson, of Rochester, Minn., a longtime advocate of back yard gardening, figured out exactly how to grow bigger, better
plants, to maximize yields, and to make sure
plants thrive until harvest.

Minn., Nelson learned the value of hard work,
doing things the right way the first time, and
the benefits of using quality materials. Those
values are reflected in every aspect of his
products, and they are truly designed to “just
work,” season after season.
As Nelson is proud to point out, “The EZ Step
Plant-Support System is ‘farm grade’ through
and through, but home growers also appreciate the system’s real quality and proven versatility—especially in the present era of disposable, low-quality products and customer
Made in America!
“Made in the USA” isn’t just a slogan for EZ
Step Products—it’s a core value that, according to everyone involved, benefits customer,
company, and country.

“Taking steps to grow more
of our own food is a good
first step toward increased
food security and self-sufficiency,” Nelson says, “but
keeping those plants growing upright through the
howling wind and torrential
rain that accompany today’s
growing season is the driving force behind our plantsupport system. There’s
nothing like it in the marketplace.”
Despite your best efforts,
if Mother Nature tips your
plants over and scatters
your tomatoes all over the ground, your hard
work will have been for nothing.
“I didn’t want to build yet another low-quality
plant support or flimsy tomato cage that was
secretly designed to fail at the end of each
growing season,” Nelson says, “so I set out to
design and build a system that would work
for almost any grower, on almost any vertical
plant, and would last for years.”
And that system, dubbed the EZ Step PlantSupport System, is refreshingly elegant in its
simplicity. A solid steel post with an innovative “step in” anchor that makes the post easy
to install and impossible to tip over provides
the backbone, and a series of fully adjustable
support rings in a variety of sizes tailors that
support to the needs of each plant.
The details of the system, which can also be
used to support temporary fencing, mark
trails and driveways, and support small trees
and shrubs, are easy to see at, but the main takeaway—the
key feature that separates these products
from the rest—is the fact that they’re massively overbuilt, by design. They also have a
no-hassle, three-year warranty.
Growing up on a family farm near St. Charles,

“We support American growers by building
the highest-quality plant-support products
available anywhere,” says Nelson, “and our
products are all made in the USA by smaller,
regional manufacturers, and not global conglomerates. Our manufacturing partners are
all staffed by American workers—our friends
and neighbors—and probably yours, too.”
The realization of Nelson’s long-time dream
can now be yours.
“When growers actually get their hands on
our plant-support products and ‘step’ them
into the ground,” Nelson says, “the value and
benefits of the system are immediately clear,
they stop worrying about the weather, and
they start focusing on bigger, better plants,
bigger yields, and so on.”
EZ Step Products is looking forward to bringing the benefits of its unique “Made in Minnesota” plant supports to quality-conscious
growers nationwide. As one grower says, “it’s
like hiring a 24/7 bodyguard for each plant in
your garden!”
You can see all the details and the company’s
entire line of innovative plant-support products at
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