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There is so little
between the two
By Phillip Alder

A.N. Onymous said, “Never
let success get to your head;
never let failure get to your
heart.” At the bridge table,
if you have a bad result,
concentrate on the next deal;
do not worry about what has
already happened — it cannot
be changed.
Today’s deal occurred during
a duplicate. What do you think
about the auction? West’s twono-trump advance showed four
or more spades and at least
game-invitational values. What
happened in five diamonds doubled? What would have transpired
in four spades doubled?
South’s hand was a tad thin for his two-diamond response,
but he liked his seventh card in the suit. East tried to silence
the opponents by jumping to four spades. Good, South passed.
All right, so North has doubled — no problem. Ugh, South has
run to five diamonds — curses! Eventually, East decided that if
this contract was making, it was going to be a near-zero; so he
doubled, hoping for plus 200.
Five diamonds was unbeatable. Even after a trump lead, South
could have either established hearts or led his club jack to ensure
two club ruffs on the board. Minus 750 was a zero to East-West,
but minus 600 would have been no better.
At the 12 tables in play, there were 10 different results. Most
Easts played in spades, winning 10 tricks unless North obtained a
club ruff after an unlikely rounded-suit lead.
East-West shrugged off this result and got a top on the next
board by winning one more trick than the field.
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