Details for A Tub of Value for Every Cowherd

Our cattle have many options when it comes to mineral and protein supplements. In this blog, I will explain some of the most traditional options. If you like consistent consumption and the convenience of not filling a loose mineral feeder every day, tubs are for you. Most tub makers suggest 1 tub for every 25 head of cows, and for easy math, a 100 head cowherd would go through an average of 5 mineral tubs a month. Regular consumption ranges from .5 to 1.5lbs a-head a day on protein tubs and .25-.5lbs of a mineral tub. Depending on the brand, most tubs weigh anywhere from 200-250lbs and can be in a plastic, fiber or steel barrel form.  Now let's get down to the long list of options.

Starting in January, most in Northeast Nebraska are either calving or getting close, so a mineral program, like Purina's Availa 4 rebreeding mineral, is a great option. These organic trace minerals consist of zinc, copper, cobalt, and manganese. Another value-added option would be the MOS or XPC products for improved gut health. Besides mineral, a producer may be interested in a 25-30% protein tub or a Hi-energy protein tub for those cows needing some extra nutrients. Just a few years ago, Purina introduced a poured-molasses, high-fat tub designed for replacement heifers, cows out on stalks, or mid-to-late gestation cows needing extra energy. Consumption of a poured tub vs. a harder cooked tub will be anywhere from 1-4 lbs. a-head a day depending on forage quality.


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