Details for Four Things You NEED to Know About the Parking Meters Downtown!

There is no faster way to create an uproar at an otherwise quiet gathering of people than to bring up parking meters, meter maids, and parking tickets. We get it....It's not the loss of the pocket change for a prime parking spot right outside the store (better than parking at the mall any day!), but the unexpected ticket....UGH!

Look, we don't like the meters any more than you do....and were we ever glad the City Council tabled the increase for now. But did you know we've been providing meter money and paying for customer parking tickets literally for decades??   Yeah...we didn't think so. Trouble is, in our times folks are quicker to complain about something that's wrong than tell everyone about something NICE that happened.

So here's where we toot our own horn with 4 things to know about Parking downtown.

1st - There is a big bowl of change on our main counter that is expressly for YOU to use to feed the parking meters. No questions asked. Just come in and take what you need.


2nd - We will pay your parking ticket if you got caught enjoying a little too much time inside our store and got snagged with an expired meter. If we don't catch it first, then just hand it off to someone on our staff. We're happy to take care of it for you.


3rd - We ALSO give out our own "Meter Beaters" from time to time which you can keep in your car and refill with pocket change so you're not caught short of change on your next trip downtown.


4th  - Finally, remember that Parking is FREE downtown on evenings and weekends! We lobbied hard for that change many years ago, so be sure to use it.

Most of all....PLEASE spread the good news that Thorpe's is ALWAYS on your side when it comes to helping with the parking meter issue.

Thank you, everyone....and hope to see you downtown soon!


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