Details for How About Just Saying "THANKS" this month?

Last month you'll recall we rebelled against all the negativity and made our entire opening column about all of the Good News going on in Siouxland. Now this month, it's going to be about all the things we're thankful for. Here's just a few of the many....

We're thankful we were again able to provide help for so many charities and non-profit agencies this past year. It was a record year for us...such a good thing with so much need in the community!

We're thankful that the disasters we had this year from deer crashing through the front door to (more) water main breaks were manageable and fixable. Our hearts go out to those who are still recovering from flood-related problems elsewhere this year.

We're thankful the City has just about wrapped up construction for the winter, and we have a beautiful new sidewalk and plenty of parking spaces surrounding our store. Bring on the Christmas season!

Lastly, we're thankful for all the wonderful customers who have graced us with their business and friendships, not just this year but over the many decades of our existence. Some of those relationships have seriously been multi-generations, going back to when my great-grandfather was in business. Who gets to say that anymore?


So, thank you, friends. If I don't get a chance to tell you "thank you" in person this month, please know you're appreciated. Have a wonderful month of Thanksgiving!