Details for Is your vacuum's belt working?

After checking the brush roll, you may want to check the belt, which keeps the roll in place. If the belt isn’t tight against the roll, it may be time to replace it. Check to see if it is stretched out, frayed or narrow. Also, make sure that the belt hasn’t slid out of place or become damaged in a particular spot.
As a general rule, the belt should be replaced every six months to one year. This is not a solid number, but, as it depends on the frequency of which you use your vacuum cleaner. not to mention the brand and model you’re using. If you don’t use your vacuum cleaner very often, let’s say once every two or three weeks, then you likely won’t need to replace the belt twice a year. But, if you use it every single day, then you’ll need to replace the belt every few months.
If you do replace the belt, you can do so by removing the roll, sliding the belt off, and then sliding the new belt on. It’s easy to do, and not something that you need to take to a special technician. The Instruction Manual that came with your vacuum cleaner, should have step-by-step instructions for replacing the belt.
For questions or details call the experts at Vac Shack!

For questions or details call the experts at Vac Shack!

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