Details for WE ARE CVA - Transport Ju

While driving in Nebraska, Kansas or Iowa you may meet a truck on the road, or several, that proudly carry the Central Valley Ag logo on the side. Maybe you gave the trucker a wave or a nod, but did you think any more about what that person’s role is in the cooperative? Did you think about how much farmers and ranchers rely on these drivers?

Central Valley Ag transport is a diversified fleet, with nearly 58 trucks throughout the CVA territory. Dispatchers utilize 52 full-time drivers and an additional 50-80 outside truckers that help move products; whether it be for the agronomy, feed, fuel or grain division. Transport is responsible for efficiently managing these tasks providing CVA locations and customers with the products they need.


“We have to keep CVA on track with deadlines, whether it’s taking grain to a processor or making space at a location,” says Greg Vakoc, CVA Dispatcher in Royal, Nebraska. “That’s the fun part of the job for me; I like problem-solving. That’s what CVA dispatchers pride ourselves on. You want an answer, call us.”