Details for Siouxland HHM Collection Center - Ad from 2019-11-17

City of Sioux City Sioux City HHM Collection Center Accepted Household Hazardous Materials: *Latex paint is not a hazardous material and can be safety managed and easily disposed of at home. Simply dry out the paint, and dispose of in your normal household trash. Auto Products: Transmission Fluid Engine Lubricants/Oil Additives Gasoline Treatments Engine Cleaners Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Brake Fluid Solvents: Dry Cleaning Solvents Mineral Spirits Turpentine/Paint Thinner Alcohols Gun Cleaning Solvent Paint Stripper /Remover Paint Products: Oil-Based Paints Spray Paints Stains Varnish Pesticides: Yard/Garden Roach Powder Flea/Tick Pet Products Fly Strips Moth Balls Herbicide Bug Spray/Cream Rodent Poisons Fungicides Algecides Cleaners: Waxes Polishes Spray Dust Cleaners Drain Cleaners Toilet Bowl Cleaners Oven Cleaners Rust Removers Metal Cleaners Spot/Stain Removers Miscellaneous: Fertilizer Weed Killer Lead-acid Batteries Pool Chemicals Butane Lighters Glues/ Adhesives Charcoal Lighter Fluid Eye Glass Cleaner Jewelry Cleaner Aerosols Mercury Note: HHM's are banned from the landfill so please do not place in the trash! Sioux City HHM Collection Center Offers a Swap Shop! The Swap Shop is an area at the Collection Center where customers can pick up useable household products free of charge. You do not need to bring in an item in order to pick up an item. However, you should only take what you need and will use. Staff reserves the right to limit quantities. Items you can expect to find in the Swap Shop include: • Household Cleaners • Hobby Paints/Crafts Materials • Lawn & Garden Products • Paint Products The Swap Shop will be open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Inventory may change daily. City of Sioux City Sioux City HHM Collection Center 5800 28th St. Sioux City, Iowa Appointments must be made in advance by contacting the Collection Center at (712) 255-8345