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Multicare Health Clinic has added new high-end screening procedures to promote health and wellness in the Siouxland area.

The offerings are a result of increasing demand from patients for preventative care as well as community initiatives and nationwide efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles.

"By offering these screenings we are setting up patients to make healthy choices and reducing their chances of health problems later in life," said Dr. Scott Sneller, clinic director of Multicare.

"Our treatment team of Chiropractic, Medical and Physical Therapy doctors is well-equipped to provide anyone with the screenings and tools they need to stay healthy. The screenings are the perfect addition to our proven methods of treatment for pain relief," he added.

Joel Pistello, a new chiropractic physician at Multicare, said the key to establishing health is to take a pro-active approach and identify conditions and life choices that, while they may not have a large effect now, will have a huge impact on a person's health down the road.

 "At this point, people understand they need to eat healthier and exercise; however, they may not always understand why. With the screening tools we have, we can select activities that patients are indulging in - or not indulging in - and tailor treatments as well as recommendations that will encourage and lead them to health - before they hit those major roadblocks that will keep them from getting there," he said.

Multicare Health Clinic can now screen patients for:

Abnormal Posture with Digital Posture Analysis Software: Bad posture can predispose you to a variety of health problems, and it's important especially in children to fix faulty posture before it becomes chronic. Bad posture in children can even be a sign of scoliosis! The software is available for group or individual screenings. On average, it takes 1 minute per person to analyze, print and explain faulty posture patterns and discuss solutions for you, your employees or your children.

Biomechanical Foot Dysfunctions and gait (walking) disturbances with Digital Foot Analysis: Your body is an interconnected system of specialized parts, and the support structure that holds everything together is comprised of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Even if your feet don't hurt, they may be contributing to your overall postural balance, creating stress and strain on other areas of your body. If you're having pain or discomfort in a specific area of your body - anywhere from your toes to your neck, your feet may be to blame.

Improper Amount of Saturated Fat and Water Retention with a Body Composition Analysis: Multicare uses bioelectrical impedance to roughly determine your body composition. A small 500-800 micro-amp signal measures the body's ability to conduct the current. The current flows through the body, finding varying resistance depending on the density of the muscle, the amount of body fat encountered and the hydration of the tissue. This allows Multicare to determine your body's composition and tailor your treatment accordingly.

Health Risk Factor with a Health Risk Assessment: By combining your current health history, along with input of blood pressure, body measurements and blood work, Multicare can screen for possible future complications and help you implement changes to decrease this risk. It will calculate your current "health status age" for comparison of your actual age.

Muscular Imbalances with J-Tech muscle testing: Multicare has invested in the only AMA-approved instruments to assess range of motion from any part of the body. This means Multicare can more accurately assess your level of impairment and document how well you have improved, as well as custom-tailor physical therapy and exercises to improve any areas that need improvement.

Ergonomics in the Workplace with Ergonomics Instruction: Multicare's physicians are always available to come to your workplace to discuss proper ergonomics for your desks or office environment. In addition, they can teach proper lifting techniques to decrease the time you and your employees are off the job for low back pain or other related incidents. By knowing how to lift properly, you avoid accidents and expensive time lost.

Nutrition Deficiencies with a Nutrition Screening: Looking to change your diet? Multicare can take your current diet and change it so you have options at the dinner table that are healthy and support a leaner you. It can even include "trade-offs" depending on what kind of mood you are in, and your meal plan can include snacks throughout the day, or it also can stick to three meals a day. Better nutrition is just a visit away!

Emergency Preparedness: Multicare even offers an emergency preparedness manual that is tailored for Siouxland to help families prepare for disasters and other events. Whether it is the emergency contact list to give to your baby sitter or the plan of action after an automobile accident, Multicare can help.

All of these services and more are available for any Siouxland company, organization or individual, so they may better understand their level of health, and more importantly, how to get there and stay there.

Multicare Health Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in Sioux City that is leading the way for healthcare in Siouxland by combining the best of the medical, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and physical therapy fields under one roof for faster patient healing. The right team...the right care...Multicare.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment at Multicare Health Clinic, call (712) 276-4325, visit or email them at

Multicare is located at 3930 Stadium Drive in Sioux City, halfway between the Explorers baseball stadium and Walmart.

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