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Because of new technology, rainhead showers are making a big comeback.

Question: Dear Ed: We are designing a new custom shower and want to include a rainhead showerhead in the ceiling. Can you please give us your insight on the new types of rainhead showers available today?

- Jim, Alabama

Answer: Because of new technology, rainhead showers are making a big comeback.

Decades ago, rainhead showers basically relied on using a lot of water to create a mini-rainstorm in your shower. With today's water-saving rules, the trick was to design a rainhead shower to meet flow codes and still give a rainlike experience.

A big breakthrough was using air-induction spray technology to create bigger and softer raindrops. This allows for a more enjoyable rain experience with a water-efficient head. Another new rainhead feature can include a deluge option, where the fixture dumps water for just a short period of time, then saves water for the next deluge.

Finally, some new rainhead showers even have wireless speaker technology for the ultimate way to stream your music in the shower.

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