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Why disrupt this serene landscape. Shoveling isn't necessary, particularly when there's candy to be eaten. 

You could approach a snow day by hauling out the shoveling, shaking up the snow melt and bundling in a parka.

Or you could do it my way: Sleep in.

As much as that snow needs shoveling, it’s not going anywhere and, if you wait long enough, there’ll be more to take care of.

Yesterday, I greeted the cold winds and slippery streets with the smile of a 7-year-old after hearing a “no school” announcement. Winter storm Bruce? Bring it.

After that long winter’s nap, I went through the cupboards looking for everything chocolate (no, chocolate chips aren’t just for baking) and getting myself primed for an afternoon of TV, Facebook snooping and reading.

I threw in a load of clothes, too, just to make it look like I was doing something. But, really, is “washing clothes” even a thing anymore?

I looked at the Internet to see what I might want Santa to bring me and, let’s just say, I must have been a very good boy this year. (Packages should arrive in a week.)

I hauled out a few Christmas decorations, too. But if you put a lot of stuff out you’re just setting yourself up for a January day that makes you regret you did it in the first place. So, there are “hints” here and there of the season and a couple of candy dishes that needed to be filled (and tested).

In the afternoon, I decided a nap might be good just to prep me for a night of heavy television watching. I had several shows in my DVR and I wanted to get them out of the way for the 25 Days of Christmas.

With those big tasks done, I decided to FOLD clothes AND put them away. (No heap on the floor for me!)

I also decided to clean out the refrigerator, which means eating everything that probably should have gone in the garbage. (Yes, I even found last year’s Christmas cookies. Don’t shame me.)

I paid bills. I dusted the TV. I threw out summer magazines and I made a list of what I needed to do in the next 30 days (including shopping).

In the early evening, I looked at the snow, took a picture and headed back in the house.

I fell asleep in my chair, checked Twitter and Instagram and decided to listen to Christmas music. That got me to dig out another box of decorations that got put away as fast as I cracked the lid. (I added “new Christmas bins” to my shopping list.)

I did all the crossword puzzles and Jumbles I had stacked on a table. I rearranged cans in my pantry and traded out Halloween Kisses for Christmas ones. (Actually, I finished off the Halloween ones.)

I also considered shaving off my Movember beard but I figured the shoveling “experience” would be colder, so I let that go.

By the time bedtime rolled around, I was too exhausted to even think about shoveling snow.

So I let visions of sugarplums take over and figured Scarlett O’Hara was right.

Tomorrow will be another day.

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