Mickey and Minnie looked a little halting in their moves, but the rest of the cast on “Dancing with the Stars” brought it in one of the most entertaining installments of the year – “Disney Night.”

Jordan Fisher got the first perfect 30 for a foxtrot to “You’re Welcome” (which he just happened to sing on the soundtrack) from “Moana.” He had plenty of style and grace, which made it appear like he was floating across the stage.

The others weren’t as fluid (sorry, Mickey) and could have been sent packing.

Oddly, Frankie Muniz – who got a near-perfect 29 for his tango to “Pirates of the Caribbean” – was in the bottom two. Joining him was Sasha Pieterse, who admitted she had lost 37 pounds during her run on the show. She did a good rendition of “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid” and wound up with a 24.

Exiting "Dancing with the Stars": Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko. Eric McCandless

When the scores were totaled, she was eliminated, further diminishing the show’s female ranks.

Of that bunch, Lindsey Stirling got the highest score – a 28 – for her foxtrot to “When You Wish Upon a Star.” The old school approach brought a 10 from Len Goodman, who was something of a softie on Disney night.

Victoria Arlen was close by – with a 27 – for her jazz routine to “Steamboat Willie.”

Then, Vanessa Lachey (who looked as cold as ice when interacting with partner Maks Chmerkovskiy) mustered a 24 for her waltz to a “Snow White” number.

Nikki Bella introduced a number from the upcoming “Coco” and appeared to be in league with Stirling.

Vulnerable: Vanessa.

Lachey’s husband, Nick, wasn’t a shoo-in, either. He had a poor 22 for his quickstep to “Bare Necessities” from “The Jungle Book.” It was all over the place and didn’t live up to the cartoon. If she’s not going home next week, he is.

Terrell Owens got praise for his quickstep to “Lion King” but it was so stuffed with backup dancers it was hard to see what he was doing. Carrie Ann Inaba even gifted him with a 9.

Drew Scott was in the same ballpark with his “Rainbow Connection” Muppets dance and got a 10 from Kermit the Frog, who jumped in as a guest judge. Because he’s so tall, Scott can seem like he’s not as skilled as you think, but the routine looked fairly decent.

Of the night’s dances a “High School Musical” bit was best (even if Mickey and Minnie were relegated to the back). It had the pep we’ve come to associate with Disney night.

Fisher, Stirling and Arlen are still in the lead. Look for one of the Lacheys to go home. That herd needs to be culled.