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People who live in tiny houses better expect guests.

That’s what I learned Monday when I spent the night at the tiny house the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is showcasing this month.

Letting me experience “downsized” living first hand, officials turned over the keys, provided dinner and let me have a run of the place.

Considering it’s 250 square feet, I really couldn’t do my Shelby Houlihan workout, but I did have fun – when I wasn’t answering the door.

If you’ve seen “Tiny House, Big Living” on HGTV, you know there’s a movement to downsize. Folks are ditching their big homes for a shot at a simpler life.

One night in, I could see the appeal.

I just don’t know how I could do it.

To spend the night, I brought three bags of stuff. I had two hooks to hang things on and limited floor space for what I like to think of as my shoe “collection.” I got the feeling if you lived in one, you’d no longer buy books, you’d read everything on Kindle and you probably wouldn’t live with more than two or three pairs of pants, three shirts and MAYBE two pairs of shoes.

The kitchen, though, was pretty sweet. It had a stove, microwave and close to full-size refrigerator. It also had dishes, a table for two and enough accessories (provided by Studio 427) that made me feel like I was in a designer house. The beds were in lofts (above the kitchen and above the bathroom). Easily, you could sleep four, but there probably couldn’t be any snoring. The bathroom had a full shower, toilet and fun sink. The living room boasted a comfy bench, the table for two and a few niches I could fill with those things I just couldn’t part with.

Some lucky winner will get a chance to get a customized tiny house when the Hard Rock draws Sept. 4. I’m sure that person will be glad I didn’t have to worry about cooking – I got room service from Main and Abbey and, no, I didn’t have to do the dishes. The steak was super but the chef-made steak sauce was incredible. (Ask for it, and tell them Bruce sent you.)

By the time I was ready to sit on the porch and watch people I already had more than 20 folks interested in taking a peek. I showed it off like I owned it and realized a lot of partying would have to go on outside. I was too afraid someone would mess it up.

The house has wifi (that’s how I’m writing this now), a big screen TV and a  comfy bed. Built by Titan Tiny Homes (featured on “Tiny House Nation”), it has its own water tanks, electricity, water heater and all the amenities you’d expect from a bigger version. The roof is guaranteed not to leak for at least 35 years (which means I’d be dead before it started leaking).

To see how the rest of the world was doing, I headed into the casino midway into the night (how’s that for convenient – I could have gambled at 3 a.m.!) and tried my luck. Let’s just say, I have a better shot at winning the house. The grand prize – a $25,000 credit with Titan Tiny Homes – will be given away at 11:30 p.m. Sept. 4.

And, if you want, I can come with it.

Just know, I need storage for shoes.

In the morning, the Sioux City Journal was delivered. Does it get any better than that?

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