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Recent reports from the Sioux City Police Department call log:

* 1:39 a.m., June 29, 1300 block of Pierce Street: Man says he and his new girlfriend encountered his ex-girlfriend while the two of them were walking to the store. The ex-girlfriend walked up, punched the guy in the face and kept walking.

* 2:02 a.m., June 29, 1400 block of Grandview Boulevard: Family disturbance. Two females were drinking on the front porch and arguing over boyfriends. They were told to go inside and go to bed.

* 5 a.m., June 29, 100 block of South Center Street: Female told police there were two cows wearing masks in her backyard. Officers checked. There were no cows in her backyard.

* 11:55 a.m., J une 29, 1500 block of South Patterson Street: People were yelling and screaming in front of a building.

* 7:21 a.m., July 1, 1100 block of Douglas Street: Officers were asked to check on a female walking around wearing only a bed sheet. Police say she'd left UnityPoint Health -- St. Luke's Hospital. She was given a ride home.

* 11:15 a.m., July 1, 1700 block of Nebraska Street: Complainant said his cell phone was stolen by a guy who was then sent to jail. Now, the suspect and the cell phone were at the jail. At least that's what the suspect's girlfriend told the complainant.

* 2:48 p.m., July 1, 1100 block of Morningside Avenue: A bag of baseball equipment was found in the middle of the road. It was returned to its owner.

* 11:15 a.m., July 2, 2800 block of South St. Mary's Street: Complainant wanted a moving company employee removed from the premesis.

* 11:37 a.m., July 3, 2000 block of Outer Drive: Report of people throwing fireworks out the window of a vehicle.

* 12:18 a.m., July 5, 5600 block of Military Road: Caller said a male and fmeale "exploded a 5-gallon bucket and ran to Iowa on the train bridge." No one was found.

* 1:45 p.m., July 5, 2700 block of Stone Park Boulevard: Report of a suspicious man walking through the parking lot carrying three full bottles of beer. Turns out he was not drunk. He was just going to Saturday in the Park.

* 6:47 p.m., July 5, 2700 block of Rebecca Street: Caller said that an hour ago a 5-year-old girl was lighting fireworks. No adults were around. Police were not able to find the child or the fireworks.


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