This week a group from Des Moines issued a video they call a response "to national media coverage of our beloved home state."

They call it Iowa Nice, and it's a worthy view.

Playing off the idea that America's caucus leader is filled with red-state evangelicals, the video offers a contrary view of the state's residents.

In it, host Scott Siepker reminds viewers that "You heard we're a bunch of knee-jerk, conservative reactionaries. Well I guess that's why we went Democratic in five out of the last six elections."

Siepker, the host of the Iowa Outdoors on Iowa Public Television, goes on to mention Iowa's vote on gay marriage, the nation's first female lawyer in the mid-1800s, and rebuts the idea that most Iowan's are hillbillies. "Four out of five of us live in the city, punk."

With the state capitol as his backdrop, Siepker makes a final reference to Iowa as the birthplace of the computer.

Sure there's is profanity, and sure it's done just a little tongue-in-cheek, but it works to upend the idea that all Iowans are one stripe politically.

And it's just a little bit funny.

There's also a version that's not safe for work, which can be found here.


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