You Tube Lioness

Screenshot from the YouTube video of a Portland Zoo lioness trying to eat a baby dressed as a zebra. The baby was seated behind protective glass. (www.youtube.com) 

If you are scratching your head after reading the blog title as to why this would be 'delightful', continue reading.

Recently, a family at a Portland Zoo shot video footage of a lioness trying to eat their baby, which was dressed as a zebra and was sitting safely behind thick protective glass.

You can see the YouTube video here.

We found it kind of funny and kind of disturbing. Listen for an onlooker in the video who says "That's like... almost not cool."

The baby doesn't seem to mind - although he looks a little concerned towards the end of the video clip.

If you were the parents - what would you have done? Would you have videotaped and laughed or yanked the kid away from the glass?

Note: that zebra striped hoodie in the back of your closet might not be the best thing to wear to the zoo. Just saying. 




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