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125 years ago

WOLF HUNT: For the past week Col. B. Bates, of Dakota City, Neb. has been making extensive preparations for a wolf hunt, which took place to-day. The Sioux City, Covington and Dakota county parties, consisted of 45 men. Several wolves were chased down river toward Onawa. Another pack raced north toward Dakota territory. It was one of the most exciting chases ever witnessed in this section.

HADDOCK MONUMENT: The first talk of a monument in honor of Rev. Haddock brought in money from Sunday schools in various states. But this age is beyond the marble period, and it was realized that instead of putting a large sum of money into a marble shaft, it would be far better to add more money to the fund and erect a building that could be utilized in various ways.


100 years ago

LEEDS GETS FIRE CO: The Leeds volunteer fire department was reorganized at an enthusiastic meeting last night at the suburb fire station. Thirty-eight young men of the suburb have enlisted in the service of the new organization.

REMSEN IS HARD HIT: The town of Remsen, in Plymouth county, with a population of 1,076, has nine saloons and far and wide has the reputation of being the dampest spot in all of Iowa. Under yesterday's interpretation of the Moon law, Remsen can have only one saloon...The number of saloons at Le Mars, the population of which is 4,157, will be reduced from thirteen to four.

HACKMAN TO WEAR A VEIL: A lull has ensued in the hotel runners' "war" at the Northwestern railroad station, caused by peeved hackmen. It has been announced that Chappie, the hackman Apollo, whose charms have been wreaking havoc among the feminine fares, henceforth will appear wearing a heavy veil over his winsome features.

HELP OTHERS: Two thousand is the total estimate made by the central charities bureau of the number of people, young and old, who will be helped by the various charitable organizations during the next few days. A fund of $315 will be used to buy coal for about 120 families, pay rent for others, to provide orders for groceries and to buy clothing is needed.

50 years ago

YELLOW DOG NEWS: The goal was achieved in the 25th annual Little Yellow Dog Club auction. A record price of $950 was paid for the pup, a golden retriever, the money going to swell the Good Fellow drive total.

SAGE STATUS UP: Ceremonies here marked the formal "fully operational" status of the Sioux City Air Defense Sector. After nearly three years and an estimated total capital investment of $52 million, the Sioux City SAGE installation was turned over to the North American Defense Command to take its place alongside 20 other SAGE installations for the protection of the U.S. against enemy attack within the atmosphere.

25 years ago

MEDICAL EXAMINER'S WISH LIST: When Thomas L. Coriden became county coroner in 1950 it was not a plum job. Up until 1960, the coroner received just $5 per investigation and 8 cents a mile for the trip. Now the stipend is $35 per investigation and car expense is 21 cents a mile. What he sees as the biggest problem Sioux City faces? Too many unnecessary deaths. Wish for residents? Not to put off that long-overdue trip to the doctor.

These items appeared in the Journal Dec. 19-25, 1886, 1911, 1961 and 1986.

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