Sgt. Charles Floyd was the only member of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery to die during the trip. On Aug. 19, Floyd and other members of the expedition took part in dances with local Indians who visited their camp. He became ill that night. His condition worsened the next day as the expedition moved up the river, and Lewis and Clark ordered the boat to be pulled to a low bank on the shore, where he died, according to Clark’s journal, with “a great deal of composure.” Clark wrote: “We buried him on the top of the bluff, one-half mile below a small river, to which we gave his name. We buried him with the honors of war — much lamented. A cedar post was fixed at the head of his grave: Sgt. C. Floyd died here, 20th of August, 1804.” Historians believe Floyd died from a ruptured appendix.


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