125 Years Ago

Unexpected bath: Arthur Swazey, while crossing the Missouri River, fell from the stern of a skiff and was with great difficulty rescued by the man who was rowing him over. Swazey was taken to a saloon on Pearl Street where a dose of brandy seemed to revive him.

Evangelist here: Since his recent arrival in Sioux City, evangelist Dan Shields declared that he has stirred up everybody from the saloon men to the lawyers, the businessmen, the politicians and “high-toned preachers.” He said Sioux City needs less religion, less churches and more of the genuine gospel of Jesus Christ.

Parks proponent: E. C. Peters is a believer in parks. He has never platted an addition or laid out a piece of ground for any purpose that he did not make provision for a park. “I own five little parks in Morning Side,” Peters said. “When the city gets ready for a system of parks, I will turn those over to the city provided they remain parks and are taken care of.”

100 Years Ago

Booze news: The Nebraska governor’s appointment of Judge R. E. Evans as a special prosecutor of the prohibitory law in Dakota County is resented by county attorney George Leamer, who has not yet lost a single case under the new prohibition statute. It is probable that Judge Evans will take a silent part in prosecutions which are pending before Judge Sherman McKinley.

In social news: Mrs. T. S. Martin entertained a number of guests at the Country Club to meet two ladies from Chicago who are visiting relatives here and to visit with a lady from Detroit who is a guest in the Jules Martin home. …The Women’s Club Auxiliary and past matrons of Isis Chapter spent Monday at the Red Cross headquarters knitting and sewing. …Rev. Wallace Short, pastor of the Central Church, will preach on “The Life That Is Different” Sunday afternoon in Riverside Park.

Colorful rainbow: A rainbow of unusual radiance appeared in the eastern sky Monday night at about 7 o’clock. It appeared shortly after the downpour of rain and remained for 15 minutes. The rainbow’s brightness was sufficient to cast another reflection into the sky above it.

50 Years Ago

Officers bail out: Iowa Adj. Gen. Junior F. Miller and Col. Donald Forney, commander of Sioux City’s 185th Air National Guard Tactical Fighter Group, parachuted to safety 3 ½ miles north of here shortly before noon Wednesday when the jet plane they were in flamed out. They landed in a pasture on the Lawrence Carstensen farm. The F100F jet fighter exploded after crashing. Gen. Miller, 60, of Des Moines, suffered a bruised leg and was taken to Crawford County Hospital. Col. Forner, 47, the pilot, was uninjured. They were en route from Sioux City to Washington, D.C. where Gen. Miller was scheduled to attend a conference at the Pentagon.

Employing youth: Sioux City business leaders have formed a non-profit corporation to raise funds for summer and after-school employment of low- income youth. Mayor Don Mullin said the jobs will give the young people some spending money, as well as alleviate problems such as vandalism by keeping kids gainfully occupied. They created an 11-member board of directors and pledged an initial $25,000.

Singing contract: Since they were 2 years old, twins Karen and Kay Klinger of Estherville, Iowa, have been singing and giving concerts. By age 4 they were playing their own piano accompaniments. Now students at Morningside College, they tried out and were offered a contract to sing with Fred Waring’s famous Pennsylvanians. They will join the tour for a year including recording a concert that will be broadcast on ABC in October. They will sing a solo in that concert.

25 Years Ago

Air show: The night-flying F-117A stealth fighter, famous for its deadly work over Iraq during the Persian Gulf War, is the big star at Sioux Gateway Airport’s Siouxland Aviation Days this weekend. The show also will feature 30 military aircraft open for public tours, flight demonstrations by military aircraft and aerobatic acts by civilian pilots.

Making news: Jennifer Heck, 17, a student at Sergeant Bluff-Luton High School, was chosen Woodbury County Fair Queen. …Jerry Rousseau, of Scottsdale, Ax., and a descendent of Chief War Eagle, has been elected president of the War Eagle Commission, a private group working to preserve the memories and monument of the Santee Sioux chief and his family. …Gov. Terry Branstad has appointed Sioux Cityan Kathleen Hoffman to a three-year term on the State Historical Society of Iowa board of trustees.

Former Iowa lawmaker killed: Former Iowa state legislator and Sioux City lobbyist Kevin Kelly and his girlfriend Barbara Lund were found shot to death Thursday evening at the home of Lund’s estranged husband, Russell Lund, Jr., in Minnetonka, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis. Russell Lund’s family founded a Minnesota grocery chain. Police said he asked his estranged wife, Barbara Lund, 55, to look over some legal papers at his home and told her to bring Kelly, 49, because as an attorney he could help her review the documents. Police are looking for Russell Lund, Jr., who is a suspect in the shootings. Kelly served from 1971-1972 in the Iowa House and in the Iowa Senate from 1973-1978. For the past four years he has been a lobbyist representing the city of Sioux City and other clients and was in private practice.

These items were published in The Journal Aug. 6-12, 1892, 1917, 1967 and 1992