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Comerica Park

Comerica Park

Journal Regulars columnist Jim Wharton of Sioux City takes you along on a 14-day bus trip to 10 different Major League Baseball stadiums and games this month.

June 12 Detroit, Mich.

Baseball the way it’s supposed to be played. A complete game shutout by David Price as the Tigers beat Cleveland 4-0. The game was played in 2 hours and 20 minutes – rare for any game in the American League.

We were treated to a three-run bomb to dead center by Miguel Cabrera and a subsequent post-game fireworks show that shook Motor City.

In game two of our 14-day, 10-game journey we had a very different experience at Comerica Park as opposed to what we saw last night in Milwaukee.

The report card:


My concession consultant Mark is raving about the Comerica Cuisine. You name it – they had it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sample it because of an early afternoon lunch stop at the Old Country Buffett in Kalamazoo. We stormed the place like an AARP group that had been on a three-day fast. Consequently, no one was hungry at the game. But Mark says his informal survey is overwhelmingly positive.

I did enjoy a $9 can of LaBatt’s Blue Light. Nice Canadian brew, eh?

Mark's concession grade A


Once again, everyone was courteous and helpful. We wanted to get a picture of the main entrance but had to exit the stadium. The crew scanned us out – let us take our photo – and scanned us back in.

Nice job by the Comerica crew

Customer service grade A


Beautiful ballpark, but unfortunately it has not spurred any neighboring development. Our right-field seats concealed the out-of-town scoreboard, but other than that, great facilities.

Stadium experience grade A-


It was LaBatt Blue Hat Night with one size fits all. My concessions consultant Mark has a big melon and it fit him fine.

We saw the stars shine with Miguel Cabrera and David Price.

It was a great evening in Detroit.

Tomorrow, we travel to a ballpark I’m dying to see – PNC in Pittsburgh.

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Goodnight from Detroit.

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