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Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Journal Regulars columnist Jim Wharton of Sioux City takes you along on a 14-day bus trip to 10 different Major League Baseball stadiums and games this month.

June 15 Boston, Mass.

The rain is incessant. It has followed us since we left Sioux City on Thursday.

Our bus driver, Bruce, put in another 250-plus miles today in a constant rain. Heading into Boston we implored the help of Boston’s leading meteorologist – Briar Cliff University and KTIV alum Mike Wankum. With a game-time temperature of 54 degrees and a light drizzle falling, we were fortunate to get the game in. Red Sox Nation is hurting this year. The Atlanta Braves came to town and handled the Red Sox 4-2.

Prior to the game, our crew of 42 hit some of the Boston highlights including Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. Great clam chowder and scallops on a skewer for lunch.

But the highlight was the trip to Fenway. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, let’s turn our attention to Mark, my concessions consultant.


Placing complete trust in my memory, here is what Mark enjoyed:

Hot dog

French fries

Diet Coke


Hot Chocolate (Remember, the temp was in the low 50s – also a 12-ounce cup was $8.25!)

Soft service ice cream

Let’s put it this way. Mark came away satiated and smiling like a good little boy on Christmas morning.

Also of note, where else but Fenway will you see vendors hawking clam chowder (or as they say in Baaston … clam chowda)?

Art Silva is Exhibit A. The letter “R” does not exist in the New England alphabet.

Mark's concession grade A- (the hot chocolate was warm, not hot)


The music! Fenway does it old school with a real, live organist between innings. In addition, in the bottom of the eighth the joint erupts with Neil Diamond’s "Sweet Caroline." Very cool to hear 35,000-plus fans singing “Sweet Caroline … bah … bah … bah" in unison.

The staff was very helpful. We have one gentleman in a wheelchair and Fenway is not an ADA prototype (that’s what happens when you are playing in a facility that was built in 1912). Nonetheless, the Fenway staff was very helpful.

We are four games into the 10-game schedule and here’s how I rank them so far:

1. PNC Park – Pittsburgh

2. Fenway Park – Boston

3. Comerica Park – Detroit

4. Miller Park – Milwaukee

On Tuesday we see Citi Field in New York for the first time. Of the ten stadiums we will visit, this will be one of the five that will be new for me.

That’s it for a long, rainy Monday. Here’s hoping we see some rays tomorrow as we take the 200-mile drive to the Big Apple.

Tell your friends about Extra Innings: Baseball by Bus. We continue to add readers every day.

Until when we visit you from New York City, good night from Boston.

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