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Five Star, North Sioux City, Peru Building

Five Star Call Centers, 301 Centennial Drive, North Sioux City, is seeking 100 seasonal workers for the holiday period. 

NORTH SIOUX CITY -- Five Star Call Centers, a contract call center located in one of the former Gateway complex buildings in North Sioux City, is looking to hire 100 seasonal workers for the holiday period.  

Formerly known as Lawrence & Schiller TeleServices, Five Star was founded in 1986 in Sioux Falls, where its headquarters remain. The company also operates call centers in Sioux Falls; Fargo, North Dakota; and Wichita, Kansas. The center usually adds a number of temporary staff to handle seasonal contracts during the holiday season. 

The jobs available will involve answering customer service questions and helping customers with retail order entry. There are full-time and part-time positions with flexible schedules available.

There are several options for training classes, including on Sundays for applicants who already work during the week, and there will be opportunities to move into a permanent position at the end of the season. 

Applications can be found online at, and at job fairs at 301 Centennial Drive, North Sioux City. The job fairs are held every Monday and Wednesday through November, except Nov. 21.

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