Frost on window

SIOUX CITY -- Amid the winter months of cold, there's a silver lining ahead.

The typically coldest period of winter in Sioux City is at hand, and temperatures will bottom out and rebound. Well, they may, at least as indicated by the longtime weather pattern for the area.

Historical data from the National Weather Service shows January is the coldest month in Sioux City, where the daily high temperatures run in the upper 20s. The month starts with the historic average high of 29 degrees, and the daily normal highs drop to 28 degrees for two more weeks.

The average daily high in Sioux City bottoms on Jan. 17 with the last of the 28 degree historical recordings, for some good news ahead.

By February 1, the average daily high in the city is 31.

How the days play out in January remains to be seen, as daily weather often veers from historical climate data. For instance, the high temperature forecast for Friday is 42 degrees, as Siouxland is in a balmy period where the daily highs could be in the 40s for five consecutive days through Monday.

Looking at one other winter temperature statistic in Sioux City, the  average daily lowest temperatures are also at hand. From Jan. 2 to Jan. 21, the historic average daily low temp sits at 8 degrees.

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