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Since 1953, the National Hurricane Center has named hurricanes to make it easier to refer to them. Six lists of the alphabetical names have been developed, and one list is used each year, meaning that the names are repeated every seven years.

In certain cases, however, names of deadly or costly hurricanes are retired because future use of the name would be inappropriate.

Since 1954, 82 hurricane names have been retired. Here are the ones that have been retired in the past 30 years. It seems likely that recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma will soon be added to this list.

1988: Gilbert, Joan

1989: Hugo

1990: Diana, Klaus

1991: Bob

1992: Andrew

1995: Luis, Marilyn, Opal, Roxanne

1996: Cesar, Fran, Hortense

1998: Georges, Mitch

1999: Floyd, Lenny

2000: Keith

2001: Allison, Iris, Michelle

2002: Isidore, Lili

2003: Fabian, Isabel, Juan

2004: Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne

2005: Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Stan, Wilma

2007: Dean, Felix, Noel

2008: Gustav, Ike, Paloma

2010: Igor, Tomas

2011: Irene

2012: Sandy

2013: Ingrid

2015: Erika, Joaquin

2016: Matthew, Otto

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