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I try to eat healthily but there are certain situations where I have to rely on fast food.

It’s either because I’m too broke for fast casual or a traditional sit-down restaurant and the dollar sounds good; I’m on the road either for work or personal travel or I simply don’t feel like cooking and hitting up the drive-thru sounds like a win.

But, prior to my trying to live longer and not ruin my body entirely days, I was all about some fast food and I have quite a few opinions about these types of restaurants.

Here are my top five fast-food restaurants in ascending order

5. Wendy’s

Wendy’s has the best value menu in the business, although I will never forgive the chain for eliminating spicy nuggets from the menu.

Also, I rarely have a bad experience at Wendy’s which is why I value it more than some of its competitors in the burger wars.

Plus, its Twitter account is amazingly sassy.

4. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

If it ain’t spicy I don’t want it!

As many locals recall, the opening of the first Sioux City store was quite the event and lines wrapped around the block for more than a month after this place opened.

Hopefully, the opening of the second location has cleared some of the congestion that plagued the Southern Hills location early on.

3. Taco Bell

I grew up on Taco Bell and I will ride-or-die with this brand as my go-to fast food Mexican restaurant, for all of the inevitable Taco John’s supporters out there who I'm sure are seething reading this.

Taco Bell has better prices, Dorito flavored taco shells, Baja Blast Mountain Dew (the only pop I bother to order when going out) and the chain once sponsored "Demolition Man."

While I don’t hate TJ — Potato Oles are #bae — it’s just a place that's there to me; whereas Taco Bell is everything I could ever want out of a cheaply priced national chain of taco dealers.

2. Rally’s/Checkers

I can taste these fries right now and I’m angry that I haven’t had them in at least two years.

Rally’s/Checkers left the Kansas City market in the ’90s; however, they are still going and delicious in the St. Louis area and I always made it a point to visit there when I was in the Gateway City.

If you read the Journal's Facebook page, you know how serious people get about restaurants, so direct some of that rage to getting us a Rally's or Checkers in town and I'll be forever grateful

Heck, I'd settle for a B-Bops. 

1. Chick-fil-A

I’m not even embarrassed to admit I’ve tried to go to Chick-fil-A multiple times on a Sunday, a day the chain is closed to allow employees to have a day of worship if they so choose.

Seriously, I love everything about this place: The food, the lemonade, the excellent customer service — even the spelling and grammar challenged cows from its ads.

It should also be noted I’m writing this on a Sunday and I’m now upset with myself because I can't satisfy my craving for a spicy chicken sandwich minus the pickles with a pile of waffle fries on the side.

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