Since I just did a story naming the top 10 business items of last year, I can’t really reuse that premise for this week’s Coffee Break, which is my first of the year.

However, I can go extremely meta and do a Coffee Break about my favorite Coffee Breaks of 2017.

If you read that and felt like you were in the movie “Inception” you’re welcome. Also, I’ll gladly accept a check for $11.50 for providing you that cinematic experience.

Just kidding; I don’t want a check. You can just Paypal me or send Snapcash.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Here at my top five Coffee Breaks of 2017 (in no particular order since they are all awesome and noteworthy):

I had so much fun writing this one, plus the office reactions were top-notch.

Some people weren’t happy with their rankings, some vowed to Tweet more to improve their ranking and at least one editor called me out for not including editors — with the exception of visual editor Tim Hynds — in the rankings.

Power ranking stuff is always enjoyable and shameless.

I rarely enjoy reading the comments on the Journal’s Facebook page, but for this Coffee Break I actually wanted to look at them and they did not disappoint!

I also had fun causing a Candy Civil War on my Facebook page. People who like candy corn (yuck) are really passionate about defending it.

I got to bash terrible booze on the clock and covertly teach people about the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division does. That’s called a win-win situation.

The 1990s will always be the greatest decade ever to me so anytime I can wax poetically about something from that era I will.

An opportunity to highlight some Siouxland restaurants and show off my foodie prowess? Yes, please. Take that Sioux City Foodie! 

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