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50 high-paying jobs that don't require a college degree

While workers with associate's or bachelor's degrees do earn more on average, there are some relatively high-paying careers out there for p… Read more

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The secret to hiring (and keeping) top tier tech candidates

More and more, tech professionals can’t be categorized as either passive or active candidates. They’re just always on. They always have an … Read more

How to use text for better recruiting

How much faster could you fill job reqs if all stakeholders responded to your communications in minutes? It would be a game-changer, right? Read more

You don’t have to be a tech giant to recruit like one

Even if you don’t have the recruiting power of an Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook, you can take inspiration from these tech giants when you’r… Read more

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Now hiring in Siouxland. Recently posted employment opportunities for job seekers

Looking for a new job? Browse through the newest job postings on and find your next career. Read more

These 25 cities have the worst commutes in America

Don't like long commutes? Don't move to these cities.  Read more

The 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rates

Data shows that some degrees are in much higher demand than others. Read more


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The Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career

In order to help recent college graduates find the best cradles for their burgeoning careers, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 150 largest U.S. cities. We used 17 key metrics to determine the relative strength of their job markets as well as the attractiveness of their social scenes and other factors important to job-market entrants. Read more

The 3 things every job seeker needs to know about keywords

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